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Conference talks

Day 1

Session 1: Recent activity in Afar

Witnessing the birth of a new ocean? The first 6 years of the Dabbahu rifting episode, and other activity in Afar (4.4MB) Tim Wright (*); Atalay Ayele; Talfan Barnie; Manahloh Belachew; Eric Calais; Cindy Ebinger; Lorraine Field; Ian Hamling; James Hammond; Derek Keir; Elias Lewi; Carolina Pagli; and colleagues in the Afar Rift Consortium

Co- to Post-diking deformation in the Manda-Hararo rift (Afar, Ethiopia): insights from high-resolution InSAR time-series (217MB) Anne Socquet (*); Raphaël Grandin; Stéphanie Dumont; Cécile Doubre; Eric Jacques; Yann Klinger

Timing and dynamics of dike intrusions in an incipient seafloor-spreading segment in Afar, Ethiopia: seismicity patterns and source mechanisms Manahloh Belachew (*); C. Ebinger; D. Coté; D. Keir; J.V. Rowland; J. O.S. Hammond; A. Ayele

Three-dimensional time-varying crustal velocity and strains in the Afar triangle (1.90MB) Carolina Pagli (*); Tim J. Wright; Hua Wang; Eric Calais; Laura Bennati; Elias Lewi

Mantle magma chamber imaged magnetotellurically beneath an active magmatic segment in Afar, Ethiopia (1.63MB) M. Desissa; N. E. Johnson; K. A. Whaler (*); S. Hautot; S. Fisseha; G. J. K. Dawes and the rest of the Afar Rift Consortium

Monitoring volcanic activity in Afar using geostationary satellites (2MB) Talfan Barnie (*); Clive Oppenheimer

Age and petrogenesis of young basalt lavas from the Dabbahu-Mando Hararo Rift segment (1MB) David Ferguson; David Pyle (*); Andrew Calvert; Jon Blundy; Gezahegn Yirgu

Session 2: Structure and origins of Afar

Interplay between tectonics and magmatism during the last stages of continental breakup: the Manda-Hararo rift segment, Afar, Ethiopia (2.14MB) Sarah Medynski (*); Raphaël Pik; Peter Burnard; Lydéric France; Alice Williams; Charlotte Vye; Dereje Ayalew; Gezahegn Yirgu

Melt distribution between the crust and mantle beneath the Dabbahu-Manda Hararo rift segment, Afar, from 3D magnetotelluric imaging (2.1MB) Sophie Hautot (*); Nick Johnson; Mohammednur Desissa; Kathy Whaler; Graham Dawes; Shimeles Fisseha

Mapping the evolving strain field during continental breakup from crustal anisotropy in the Afar Depression (1MB) Derek Keir (*); Manahloh Belachew; Cindy Ebinger; Mike Kendall; James Hammond; Graham Stuart; Atalay Ayele; Julie Rowland

A comparison of seismic anisotropy and geoelectric strike around the Manda-Hararo magmatic segment, Afar Nick Johnson (*); Derek Keir; Kathy Whaler; Sophie Hautot

Magmatic differentiation at Dabbahu Volcano, Afar (28MB) L. Field; J. Blundy (*); A. Calvert ; G. Yirgu

Origin of Mafic- Peralkaline Silicic Plume Volcanism in the Dabbahu-Manda-Hararo Rift, Afar Depression (2.7MB) Arundhuti Ghatak; Asish R.Basu (*); Cynthia J. Ebinger; Haibo Zou

Session 3: Magmatic rifting in Iceland

Anatomy of Iceland's Volcanoes: Crustal Deformation and Magma Movements Freysteinn Sigmundsson

Magma Plumbing during the Krafla Rifting Episode of 1974-1989 Páll Einarsson (*); Bryndís Brandsdóttir

Tracking melt with earthquakes in the Askja volcanic system, Iceland (18.2MB) Janet Key (*); Michael Mitchell; Robert White; Heidi Soosalu

Dynamics of dyke intrusion in the northern volcanic rift zone of Iceland (2.47MB) Robert S. White (*); Key, A. J. , Soosalu, H. & Jakobsdóttir, S. S.

The fissure swarms of the Northern Volcanic Rift Zone, Iceland (3.6MB) Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir (*); Páll Einarsson

Using microearthquakes to track repeated magma intrusions beneath the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland (23.6MB) Jon Tarasewicz (*); Bob White; Bryndis Brandsdottir

Dynamics of dyke propagation and patterns of dyke-induced seismicity (5.5MB) Eleonora Rivalta (*); Torsten Dahm; Francesco Maccaferri; Luigi Passarelli

Session 4: Resources from magmatic rifts 1

Keynote: Research on the tectonic and magmatic development of the Ethiopian Rift System and its contributions to geothermal resources exploration and development (1MB) Getahun Demissie

A new epithermal gold discovery: Megenta, Tendaho, Afar Depression (2.6MB) David J. Hall

Exploration of the Butiaba-Victoria-Nile Play, Albert Rift Basin Uganda Nordine Sabaou (*); Paul Burden; Shane Cowley

State of the art geophysical data acquisition; the first step to unlocking the petroleum potential of the volcanically influenced eastern arm of the East African Rift Keryn Simpson

Day 2

Session 1: Geohazards

Keynote: Volcanic hazards of rift environments (7.6MB) Katharine V Cashman

Mapping and characterising volcanic risk (0.5MB) R.S.J. Sparks (*); W.P. Aspinall; M. Auker; S.Crosweller; T. Hincks; S. Mahony; F. Nadim; J. Pooley; E. Syre

Pulses of deformation reveal frequently recurring shallow magmatic activity beneath the Main Ethiopian Rift (3.6MB) Juliet Biggs (*); Ian Bastow; Derek Keir; Elias Lewi; Cindy Ebinger; Elizabeth Anthony

Seismic and geodetic evaluation of earthquake and volcanic hazards in East Africa (3MB) Cynthia J. Ebinger (*); N. James Lindsey; Atalay Ayele; Manahloh Belachew

Remote detection and monitoring of volcanic eruptions in the East African Rift (4MB) Simon Carn (*); David Fee; Fred Prata

Development of central volcanoes and rift axial volcanism in the Manda-Hararo rift segment, Afar, Ethiopia (2.5MB) C. Vye (*); B. Napier; K. Smith; S. Medynski

Seismicity and the Tendaho Dam Safety (1MB) A. Ayele (*); C. Alstyne; C. Ebinger; M. Belachew

Session 2: Mid-ocean ridge processes

Keynote: Magmatic processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: insights from a recently erupting segment of the East Pacific Rise (1.6MB) Suzanne Carbotte

November 2010 Earthquake Swarm – Western Gulf of Aden (1.02MB) A. Ahmed (*); C. Doubre; S. Leroy; J. Perrot; L. Audin; F. Rolandone; D. Keir; I. Al-Ganad; K. Khanbari; K. Mohamed; J. Vergne; E. Jacques; A. Nercessian

Initiation of dike intrusion episodes on spreading centers; Krafla (Iceland), Dabahu (Afar, Ethiopia) and 9°N on the East Pacific Rise (1.7MB) W. Roger Buck

Mantle anisotropy at mid-ocean ridges: What does it tell us about rifting processes? (1.9MB) Michael Kendall (*); Andy Nowacki; James Wookey

Insights into the Spatial and Temporal Geometry of Subaxial Magma Reservoirs and Diking Processes from Individual Volcanic Eruptions along Mid-Ocean Ridges (6.36MB) John Sinton (*); Ken Rubin; Karl Grönvold

Session 3: Kinematics, dynamics and structure in Afar and Asal

The crustal structure of Afar: what does it tell us about rift evolution? (11MB) Graham W. Stuart (*); James O. S. Hammond; J-Michael Kendall; Mariangela Guidarelli; Anna Stork; Derek Keir; Atalay Ayele; David Thompson; Manahloh Belachew; Cynthia Ebinger

Counterclockwise block rotation linked to southward right-stepping propagation and overlap of the red sea rift segments at the nascent passive margin, Afar Depression: Insight from paleomagnetism (3MB) Tesfaye Kidane (*); Amha Atnafu; Julie Rowland

The Gravity Field and the Divergent Boundary at the Afar Depression E. Lewi (*); Y. Birhanu; E.Calais; T. Wright; T. Haile

Dallol Volcano and Danakil Depression, Ethiopia (13.2MB) Tadiwos Chernet

Sustained magmatic inflation and fault movement in the Asal-Goubbet Rift observed using 11 years of radar interferometry data (11MB) Gilles Peltzer (*); Cecile Doubre; Jelena Tomic

The lithospheric structure beneath mature continental rifts : New insights from a dense seismic profile across the Asal-Ghoubbet rift (Djibouti) (1.41MB) Jérôme Vergne; Cécile Doubre (*); Kassim Mohamed; Alain Dujardin

Kinematics of rift propagation throughout the Tadjoura-Ghoubbet connection zone, western Gulf of Aden, Republic of Djibouti Mohamed Ahmed Daoud (*); Bernard Le Gall; René Maury; Joel Rolet; Philippe Huchon; Hervé Guillou

Session 4: Mantle-lithosphere interactions

Keynote: Lithospheric structure, mantle flow and the state of stress of Africa (16MB) Carolina Lithgow-Bertolloni

Seismically imaging the upper mantle beneath the northern East-Africa rift system (77MB) James O. S. Hammond (*); J-Michael Kendall; Graham W. Stuart; Catherine Rychert; Anna Stork; Cynthia Ebinger; Derek Keir; Mariangela Guidarelli; Atalay Ayele; Ian Bastow; Manahloh Belachew; Dave Thompson

The Thermo-Chemical State of the East African Mantle Tyrone O. Rooney (*); Ian D. Bastow; Claude Herzberg

The Thermal regime of the Arabian plate, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (2.4MB) Frederique Rolandone (*); Francis Lucazeau; Sylvie Leroy

Seismically Imaging Destruction of Continental Lithosphere beneath the Ethiopian and Afar Rift Systems (3.2MB) Catherine A. Rychert (*); James O. S. Hammond; Nicholas Harmon; J. Michael Kendall; Derek Keir; Cynthia Ebinger; Ian Bastow; Atalay Ayele; Manahloh Belachew; Graham Stuart

Sub-rift magmatic mantle processes beneath the western branch of the EARS - A key to understanding highly modified lithosphere beneath the Tanzania craton Klemens Link (*); Stephen F. Foley; Georg Rümpker; Ingo Wölbern; John V. Tiberindwa; Erasmus Barifaijo

Day 3

Session 1: Rifting and Climate

Climatic and tectonic interactions in the East African rift system: The view from the Lake Malawi basin Andrew S. Cohen (*); Ramon Arrowsmith; Sarah Ivory; Scott J. Robinson; Marina B. Foster; Kelin Whipple; Arjun Heimsath

The Lake Malawi Scientific Drilling Project: Long-term records of extension and magmatism in the western branch of the Great Rift Christopher A. Scholz

Climate model studies on the impact of tectonics and Earth's orbital changes on African climate Kerstin Prömmel (*); Ulrich Cubasch; Frank Kaspar

Landscape evolution of the Rwenzori Mts and adjacent Albertine Rift, from low-temperature thermochronology Friederike U. Bauer (*); Ulrich A. Glasmacher; Uwe Ring; Andreas Schumann; Betty Nagudi; Matthias Starz; Markus Karl; René W. Grobe; Vikandy S. Mambo

Session 2: Resources from magmatic rifts 2 - Geothermal

Relation of geothermal activity to volcanism in extensional settings, and the resulting characteristics of associated epithermal ore systems (5.2MB) Jeffrey W. Hedenquist

New geothermal exploration advancements in the Republic of Djibouti Mohamed Jalludin

Geotourism in Afar and the Ethiopian Rift Valley (4.2MB) Frances Williams

Session 3: Continental rifting and continental margins

Keynote: Tectono-Magmatic Evolution of Atlantic Type Rifted Margins (9.2MB) Gianreto Manatschal

Morpho-tectonic evolution and significance of the marginal graben system along the southern Red-Sea margin (Ethiopia) (21.6MB) Raphaël Pik (*); Dereje Ayalew

Magma evolution during the course of extension along a segment of the West Afar margin (Ethiopia) (0.6MB) Dereje Ayalew (*); Raphael Pik

The 1989 Dôbi earthquake sequence: propagation of seismic normal faulting along the Dôbi Graben (Central Afar) (63MB) Jacques E. (*); T. Kidane; P. Tapponnier; I. Manighetti; L. Audin; Y. Gaudemer; B. Meyer; J.C. Ruegg; R. Armijo

A nascent volcanic rifted margin along the Asal-South Danakil rift segment, SE Afar. Structural evidence from the Makarassou fault-flexure (2.2MB) Bernard Le Gall (*); Mohamed Ahmed Daoud; Joel Rolet; Nima Moussa Egueh

Extension by faulting, stretching and magma intrusion in Ethiopia (7.8MB) Ian Bastow(*); Derek Keir; J-Michael Kendall; Graham Stuart; Sylvana Pilidou

Session 4: Active magmatic rifting

The role of melt induced lithospheric weakening on the dynamics of continental rifting (1.50MB) Harro Schmeling (*); Herbert Wallner

Evidence for melt infiltration of the mantle lithosphere beneath the East African Rift from receiver functions, seismic anisotropy, and petrological modeling Ingo Wölbern; Georg Rümpker (*); Klemens Link; Forough Sodoudi; Arthur Batte; Benjamin Homuth

Two Decades of InSAR Observations in the Kivu Basin, Western Branch of East African Rift (1.51MB) Nicolas d'Oreye (*); Sergey Samsonov; Valerie Cayol; Christelle Wauthier; François Kervyn

A Rare Magmatic Event on the other side of the Red Sea: The 2009 Dyke Intrusion and Seismic Crisis in Harrat Lunayyir, western Saudi Arabia (3.21MB) Sigurjon Jonsson

Multiple dyke injection events in Afar: Numerical modelling of the heat flow equation Katherine A. Daniels (*); Thierry Menand; R. Stephen J. Sparks

Answers still awaited to some Ethiopian tectonic provocations (1.5MB) Paul Mohr