Afar Links

Ethiopia Links

BBC website: Ethiopia: Country profile
Overview of Ethiopia and many more links

BBC website: Timeline Ethiopia
A chronology of key events

Ethiopian Embassy website
News and information on Ethiopia

Cyber Ethiopia
Information and links about Ethiopia

WHO Ethiopia pages
Information on WHO’s work in Ethiopia

United Nations Development Programme in Ethiopia
Information on the UNDP in Ethiopia

Afar Friends in Sweden
An NGO aiming to spread information about the Afar people living in the Horn of Africa

Afar Pastoralist Development Association
Afar group providing education and raising awareness of the needs of the pastoral community

Geology Links

EAGLE - the Ethiopian Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment
Website on previous work on the geology of the Afar region. Many of the scientists involved in the Afar Rift Consortium also worked on EAGLE

Dynamic Earth
School of Earth and Environment teaching resource on plate tectonics and the structure of the Earth

Your Planet Earth
The Geologists’ Association website with a series of free to use powerpoint presentations for teachers of earth sciences.

Glossary of geological terms
Lots of definitions of geological terms from the University of California Museum of Palaeontology

Plate tectonics
History and mechanisms of plate tectonics including animations from University of California Museum of Palaeontology

Plate tectonics
US Geological Survey – simplified version of plate tectonics including information on the structure of the Earth

Plate tectonics
US Geological Survey: This Dynamic Earth a detailed online book on plate tectonics

Weekly volcanic activity report – Smithsonian Institute/USGS
Updated every Wednesday with news of volcanic activity from around the world

Global Volcanism Program
Information on the world’s active and recently active volcanoes from the Smithsonian Institute

FAQ about volcanoes
What, why, how, when and where. Information on volcanoes from the US Geological Survey

Glossary of volcano and related terminology
Definitions of volcanic terms from the US Geological Survey

NASA images of Afar, Ethiopia and surrounding regions

NASA – satellite view of Afar depression

NASA – thermal infrared, Afar triangle

NASA – Nabro and Mallahle volcanoes

NASA – Natural Hazards – Volcanic activity at Manda Hararo, Ethiopia

NASA – series of images of Ethiopia and surrounding region


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