What is MINSC?

MINSC is a European FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) that addresses the current and future challenges of mineral scale formation. The research themes of MINSC relate to the mechanisms of nucleation, growth and inhibition of mineral scale formation through experimental and field projects. Scale formation is a common and costly phenomenon in many industrial processes that deal with water or other fluid handling systems (i.e., wells, heat exchangers, tanks and delivery lines, etc.), where mineral precipitation in pipes, on equipment or as fracture filling has a detrimental effect on process efficiency, cost and lifetime of processing technologies. Scale formation is encountered in a large number of industries including paper-making, chemical manufacturing, cement operations, food processing, as well as non-renewable, (i.e., oil and gas) and renewable (i.e., geothermal) energy production. To learn more about MINSC, please click here.

Large Scale Outreach Meeting: Iceland, August 2014

The next MINSC network meeting is scheduled for August 24-29, 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The meeting will begin on August 24th with a media training course. The next day, fellows will attend a field sampling workshop and explanation of the problems of industrial scaling, followed by a two day international outreach conference and an optional two day field excursion.

More information is available here.


MINSC mid-term review

The MINSC mid-term review took place from Feb. 7-14, 2014 in Fuerteventura. More information about the meeting is available here.

Minutes from the management meeting are here.

Photos are here.



To view a list of significant publications produced by the MINSC network, please visit our Publications page.

Please also visit the MINSC newsfeed at: http://mineralscaleformation.wordpress.com/

MINSC news feed

The MINSC fellows have created a a wordpress-based news feed with information about MINSC activities. To view the news feed, please follow this link: http://mineralscaleformation.wordpress.com/

Progress Reports

Slides illustrating the MINSC Progress Reports are now available here.

Progress reports

Training schools

A list of training schools on State of the Art analytical techniques of potential interest to MINSC fellows can be found here.