The prime training objective of MINSC is to equip a new generation of workers with highly specialized skills in the inter- and multidisciplinary field of mineral scaling. The workforce in this field needs advanced knowledge in aqueous (geo)chemistry, mineralogy, mineral chemistry and physics and clear insights into engineering challenges that the private sector faces when scale formation affects production and leads to increased cost.

As fellows advance with their individual projects, progress reports will be posted here.

Non network training schools in state of the art techniques can be found here.



Main training events & conferences:

  Approx. date Network Event
1 December 15-19, 2012 Kick-Off Meeting and CS1: Successfully starting a research project
2 June 17-21, 2013 Second MINSC network meeting: RS1 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and kinetics of mineral nucleation and growth + CS2 A: employability and an entrepreneurial attitude. Scaling and Corrosion in Industrial Applications Part 1
3 22 August 2013: Goldschmidt RS1 workshops in Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and kinetics of fluid mineral interactions
4 Feb. 7-14, 2014 Mid term review plus ER complementary workshop 1: people and project mgmt plus CS2 B: developing research skills. PhreeQC workshop.
5 Info available here RS3: Workshop series on State of the Art Analytical Techniques – info to be sent to interested fellows
6 August 22-29, 2014 Iceland Scaling and Corrosion in Industrial Applications Part 2: Problems and solutions
CS3: Further research skills and networking, public outreach plus annual network meeting
7 March 8-12, 2014, Tuscany, Italy ER Complementary workshop 2: Advanced career mgmt plus CS4: Exploring and exploiting career opportunities
8 16-21 August 2015: Goldschmidt Prague Network management meeting