Reykjavik Team

The UI team consists of Icelandic and international researchers and graduate students specialising in Earth, Environmental, Chemical, and Physical Sciences. The Science Institute is a research institute within University of Iceland and comprises 28 Faculty Members, 16 Research Scientists, 6 Technicians, and 63 PhD and Masters Students. The UI team has over the past 4 years published over 50 papers in peer reviewed international journals.

Current active research includes geothermal and volcanic fluid chemistry, fluid-rock interaction, and CO2 and H2S sequestration in basaltic rocks. This group is particularly renowned for its contribution to water-basalt interactions at low and high temperature, thermodynamics and kinetics of mineral-fluid interactions and natural fluid chemistry.


Responsible for training and research on gas-water-rock interaction and scaling experiments, characterization of aqueous solution reactions, mineral formation modelling from solution; coordination of network wide research-specific training .

Key Competences and Facilities:

This group is particularly renowned for contributions to water-basalt-gas geochemical interactions at low and high temperature and theoretical, thermodynamics and kinetics studies of mineral-fluid interactions. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for measuring and interpreting rate and thermodynamic experiments including in-situ UV-Vis-IR cells for solution kinetics and thermodynamics, 8 mixed flow reactors, flow-through reactors (mini and large scale) for solubility and reactive transport experiments, multi-collector ICP/MS, simultaneous ICP-AES, ion- and gas-chromatography systems, and specialised sampling apparatus for cold and geothermal fluids.

Key Persons:

Team Leader

Andri StefanssonProf. Andri Stefánsson

Specialised in in-situ hydrothermal chemistry and gas-water-rock interactions, natural geothermal and volcanic fluid chemistry, reaction modelling.




Sigurdur GislasonProf. Sigurdur R. Gislason

Research Professor, expertise in low temperature aquatic geochemistry, mineral dissolution kinetics.





Nicole S. KellerDr. Nicole S. Keller Lab manager,

Fluid chemistry





Hanna KaasalainenDr. Hanna Kaasalainen

Fluid-rock interaction and geochemical modelling





Previous Training Programs and Research:

Previous Training Programs and Research: Partner FP5 RTN QDPSS, FP6 RTN MIN-GRO, FP7 ITN DELTAMIN. Coordinator of CarbFix, CO2 storage programme. The Team Leader has trained 2 Postdoctoral Fellows and over 10 graduate students in the last 5 years