International Carbon Conference, Iceland, August 25-29, 2014

A MINSC network event was scheduled during the International Carbon Conference held in Iceland in August 2014. Following a media training course, fellows began the week with an introduction to field sampling techniques and the issues of industrial scaling and corrosion. They then attended a two day international conference with presentations from high profile speakers where they had the opportunity to present posters of their work to the scientific community and general public. The international conference brought together three Marie Curie ITNs: MINSC, CO2 React and METTRANS as well as the NORDICCS and CARBFIX networks. The week concludedwith a field trip to significant geothermal sites in Iceland.

Some videos from the week, courtesy of Biyun Zhen Wu can be viewed below:

Gas sampling in a fumarole

The content and composition of the gases from fumaroles are very useful as geothermometers, which are natural, chemical indicators of the temperature of a geothermal reservoir, especially during geothermal exploration. Much care must be taken during gas sampling in fumaroles to ensure a representative sample as well as the preservation method.

Gas sampling at geothermal well

Sampling of gases at a geothermal well requires adjusting a mini-separator, which separates the geothermal fluid into two phases, liquid and gas. The gas is collected in a container containing a degassed solution of sodium hydroxide. The reaction of the geothermal gas with the sodium hydroxide is exotermic, which means heat is released during the reaction. So, the container must be cooled during the sampling with cold water.

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MINSC Group Iceland











More information about the conference can be found on the Carbfix website on the ICC tab here:

A list of recommended equipment can be found here and here.

This network event will combine several training objectives:

CS3: Further research skills and networking, public outreach and media training plus annual network meeting

ER Complementary workshop 2: Advanced career mgmt

RS2: Scaling and Corrosion in Industrial Applications: Problems and solutions


Media Training on Sunday, August 24th from 16:30-19:00 led by Tom Parkhill

Hotel: Radisson SAS- Hótel Saga.

Room Esja