Exploring and exploiting career opportunities: Part 1

This training event will help provide the MINSC fellows with practice in applying for jobs for their future careers. Fellows will prepare applications for two jobs: one in academia and one in industry.

Each fellow will look for a job position in academia in the U.K. in a field of interest. The position should be commensurate with the fellow's experience. Once the fellow has found a job ad of interest, the ad, the list of documents required and supporting documents for the application should be sent to Caroline Peacock at University of Leeds (C.L.Peacock@leeds.ac.uk). Caroline will review the applications in December and set up Skype interviews with the three best candidates in late January. She will provide general feedback to all fellows in February and individual feedback to each fellow in March during the network meeting in Italy (scheduled for March 8-12, 2014). At the same time, fellows will also look for a job in industry in Denmark. Again, the job ad, the list of required documents and the application should be sent to Lee Milligan at Maersk Oil (Lee.milligan@maerskoil.com).

Lee has provided a link with some tips for job applications in industry: http://blog.maerskoil.com/post/99570233943/graduate-job-application-tips

Lee will respect the same schedule as Caroline: review in December, interviews in January, feedback in February and March and both he and Caroline should also receive all applications by DECEMBER 8, 2014.