Tuscany, Italy: March 8-12, 2015

CS4: Exploring and exploiting career opportunities


CS2: employability and an entrepreneurial attitude, Part 2

Seventh MINSC Network Meeting (fellows and PIs)

A follow up to the December network event will take place in Tuscany, Italy from March 8-12, 2014. Fellows will receive three days of training in career skills and the event will include a visit to the West Systems facility in Pontedera. Bookings have been made for the entire group at the Borgo di Colleoli resort: http://borgocolleoli.com. A schedule for the meeting is available here.

Training documents

To receive copies of the training documents used by Lee Milligan from Maersk Oil and from Caroline Peacock, University of Leeds, please contact one of the project managers at: c.desplats@leeds.ac.uk or A.MatamorosVeloza@leeds.ac.uk

Photos from the week

Some photos provided courtesy of Diwaker Jha can be viewed below. To see a larger version of the group photo, click directly on the photo.


The Borgo di Colleoli Resort



MINSC Fellows



Liane "lets off steam" at the geothermal power plant


Group photo

MINSC, CO2 react, METTRANS group photo at geothermal power plant