Outreach by MINSC fellows

MINSC fellows will all engage in outreach activities targeting the public. As these events take place, more information will be posted here. MINSC fellows have created a news feed/blog which can be found here: http://mineralscaleformation.wordpress.com/

Outreach activities by MINSC fellows

Giulia Montanari, University of Copenhagen

  • Mentoring high school students in calcite precipitation experiments
  • Science slam competition
  • Materials chemistry course: exercises, lab activities, presentation about my project
  • Geochemistry course Exercises for young students
  • Monitored visiting PhD student from UK
  • Teaching geochemistry and general chemistry exercises to young students, 2-3 times per week for 5 months

Stan Jelavic, University of Copenhagen

  • Mentoring high-school students and interns

Diwaker Jha, University of Copenhagen


Jan Prikryl, University of Iceland

Thomas Rinder, CNRS Toulouse

  • Talk to approx. 20 people at GET seminar introducing students to colorimetry, experimental flow setup, general labwork, high temperature closed system reactors

Nik Berninger, CNRS Toulouse


  • Presentation of Nano-Laboratory to international student visitors
  • Being shadowed by foreign work experience student

Taher Rabizadeh, University of Leeds

  • Participated in SEE Behind the scenes: an open lab day at Uni Leeds
  • Presentation to undergrads and other research groups at Uni Leeds about principles of crystallization

Tomasz Stawski, University of Leeds

  • School demonstrations at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School in Huddersfield within the "Science Week" (demonstrations for children 6-11 y.)
  • Participated in SEE Behind the scenes: an open lab day at Uni Leeds
  • YES Environmental competition. I was a member of a team taking part in a Young Entrepreneur Scheme competition for the science-based business plan. We won the regional semi-finals in Scotland and took part in the national final
  • Tutor at soil lab course at Uni Huddersfield

Daniela Meier, University of Leeds

  • Visit to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School to participate in science week event sponsored by school
  • Participated in SEE Behind the scenes: an open lab day at Uni Leeds
  • Demonstration of mineral formation experiments to undergrads and other research groups
  • Lab tours
  • Writing of blog posts
  • Volunteer at the Yorkshire Fossil Festival, Scarborough talking about ocean anoxic events and the fossils from this period of earth history
  • Participation in Leeds Science Festival Activity: Fossil Detectives with pupils in grades 3&4

Fernando Berro Jimenez, West Systems

  • Demonstration of prototype developed within MINSC project to visitors to West Systems

Prathap Moola, Reykjavik Energy

  • Student fair: Motivated high school students to study geochemistry and explained to students about ongoing research in earth sciences

Biyun Zhen Wu, Maersk Oil and Gas

  • Mineral precipitation in nature with interactive activity and experiments
  • Mineral precipitation in nature: blog post
  • Unforgettabe time in Fuerteventura: blog post
  • A small world: blog post
  • Enchanting Firenze: blog post
  • Blog posts following field sampling in Iceland
  • Discovering the tiny world of ceramics. More info here.
  • Video of outreach activity in Costa Rica

Cristina Ruiz Agudo, University of Münster


Progress reports:

MINSC fellows must provide bi annual progress reports. To consult the reports, please click here.


MINSC fellows contribute regularly to conference proceedings and journals. To view a list of publications produced by the MINSC network, please visit our publications page.

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All MINSC fellows are requested to reference their work on MINSC by using the MINSC logo and/or the following sentence:

This research was made possible by a Marie Curie grant from the European Commission in the framework of the MINSC ITN (Initial Training Research network), Project number 290040

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