Positions within the MINSC Network

All positions have now been filled. No further applications will be accepted.

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ESR/ER Title Locality of host
Tomasz Stawski In situ nucleation and growth of carbonates and oxalates with inhibitors Leeds
Diwaker Jha Micro and nanotomography of natural materials: Pore structure change with time Copenhagen
Daniela Meier Silica precipitation under geothermal conditions Leeds
Giulia Montanari Growth inhibitors on carbonates/oxalates Copenhagen
Cristine Ruiz Agudo Barite surface growth inhibition Münster
Nik Berninger Bulk scale mineral precipitation and the effect of inhibitors Toulouse
Taher Rabizadeh Sulfide scaling and inhibitors Leeds
Prathap Moola Carbonate scale formation in porous media Reykjavik
Thomas Rinder Carbonate scale formation in natural rock cores Toulouse
Christopher Hawkins Precipitation and carbonate and oxalate scaling during fluid flow Oslo
Jan Prikryl Silica scaling in geothermal pipe lines Reyjavik
Fernando Berro Jimenez In situ monitoring station for silica scale formation Pisa
Bi Yun Zhen Wu Scaling and changes in local pore structure Copenhagen

Red: molecular scale

Blue: Macroscopic scale

Brown: Field scale