The linked study of deformation and depositional processes on submarine slopes

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Project descriptions

The main Struct-Strat Consortium Project is scheduled to start in September 2006 and will run, in the first funding round, for three years. However, we wish to prelude this with a Pathfinder project that maps out the key directions and prioritises deliverables for the main Struct-Strat investigations. Sponsors of the Pathfinder project will gain a unique opportunity to interact with our research effort, aligning the subsequent researches with their own tactical and strategic R & D needs and accessing the results of the research at the earliest opportunity. Additional, pathfinder sponsors will benefit from discounted participation rates in the main Struct-Strat consortium. The aim is to start work on the Pathfinder project as sponsors commit to it through 2005. We will direct pathfinder activities along those broad themes that feed into the three scale-dependent modules of the Struct-Strat consortium

Below are the various project elements that can be downloaded as Word documents or pdfs.


Outline Struct-Strat Consortium Project
This document describes the three core modules of the main consortium project, provides an overview of the research and outlines the cost structures.


“Predicting depositional architectures on deforming submarine slopes” (linked soon)
This pathfinder theme has been developed with a prospective sponsor who are most interested in predicting depositional attributes through the whole submarine slope system.


This single-page document re-iterates the cost structure for participation in the Pathfinder and consortium project stages of Struct-Strat.


Introductory powerpoint
If the powerpoint opens as a slideshow you may right-click and "save target as" to view the notes.
This presentation provides a few slides with commentary on the vision of
the Struct-Strat consortium and its precursor Pathfinder project. A
version of this presentation was presented at an open meeting in Houston,
February 16th, 2005.

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