The linked study of deformation and depositional processes on submarine slopes

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The list below is a selection of published papers available in pdf format that illustrate some of the relevant background research carried out by Struct-Strat geologists.

Butler, R.W.H. & McCaffrey, W.D. 2004. Nature of thrust zones in deep water sand-shale sequences: outcrop examples from the Champsaur sandstones of SE France. Marine and Petroleum Geology 21, 911-921.
This paper relates to theme 3 in the Struct-Strat proposal and outlines a case study of thrust zone geometry in turbidites.


Casey, M. & Butler, R.W.H. 2004. Modelling approaches to understanding fold development: implications for hydrocarbon reservoirs Marine and Petroleum Geology 21, 933-946.
Some of the fold modelling approaches that can be used in themes 2 and 3 are outlined in this paper – although the rheologies used here are designed to apply to limestone-shale sequences rather than to poorly consolidated clastic sequences.

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