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Geophysics Fieldtrip to Malham – June 2014

Our 2nd year Geophysics students enjoyed a 5 day residential field trip to Malham in June 2014. Read more »

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Connemara 2014

The Connemara field trip is always interesting for the varied weather that it throws at the field class. The photos with this blog post demonstrate the same outcrop on each of the two successive weeks; clearly it was better to have been on the first week! Read more »

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Amsterdam SOEE2570 Fieldtrip

A group of seven staff members and 50 2nd year undergraduate students from our BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management and BA Environment and Business degrees spent the week learning about sustainability in Amsterdam. As part of their programme our students have been putting their research skills into action by conducting their own research projects on three sustainability themes: water management, sustainable transport, and waste management. The fieldtrip was a great chance for our students to apply their classroom knowledge to a real sustainability problem and to gain the experience of conducting their own research. Read more »

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Frogspawn, Fieldwork, and Empty Hallways

Easter; that time of year when the daffodils are out, lambs bleat in the fields, frogs spawn in every drop of still water and students disappear to far-flung exotic locations. Like Connemara. Every Easter, the School echoes to the sound of footsteps from the few staff that remain in the department, as each thinks about their colleagues who are out in the elements, teaching their students all there is to know about how much it rains in the Lake District, how rocks bend in Pembrokeshire, or how to sift dirt from rivers in Scotland. Read more »

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