Field project tutorials 2002 - Day 3

Day 3: Notebook entries






Cool and breezy, odd showers


Steep grassy slopes (slippery in wet) and precipitous cliffs; several stream/river sections with fast-flowing water and waterfalls/rapids.


Dr. Geoff Lloyd




Continued collection of progressive and incremental strain data and subsequent analysis in terms of the field area, specifically this time from a single locality, 078 054.

  1. At 078 054 highly cleaved (020/55E) and sheared (014/64E) but still recognisably bedded (023/65E) quartzites overlie highly sheared and cleaved shales. In the former, elongate quartz grains/small pebbles, originally spherical, are observed on a plane oriented 020/55E, with a stretching lineation plunging 51/140 (see Fig. 25). Similar quartz grains/pebbles are observed on a plane oriented 049/39NW (see Fig. 26). A second foliation is also observed (104/64E) with its own stretching lineation (64/104). On a plane oriented 104/90, sheared pipes are observed (see Fig. 27).

Daily Summary

(remember to summarise your observations & to begin to evolve ideas about this region).












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