Picture gallery - minor structures

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belemniteAn extended beleminite fossil seen on a cleavage plane in Liassic-age shales at Leytron, Swiss Alps

boudinaged dykeBoudinaged amphibolite layer within gneisses. Laxfordian complex, near Durness, Scotland
conj tension gashTension gashes
gash picture 2Tension gash array developed in limestones
groovesGrooves on a gently overhanging fault surface cut into limestones in Sicily
outvein Vein arrays seen on a bedding surface in Cretaceous limestones
pitted pebblesPitted pebbles
pressure solution cleavageExample of pressure solution cleavage in silts from south Devon
pyrite Photomicrograph of fibrous reprecipitation of calcite around a "rigid" pyrite grain
stiloliteA classic example of a stilolite seen here in Carboniferous limestones from south Wales
striated fibresLooking down on a fault plane developed in Cretaceous limestones from the Chartreuse massif, French Alps
tension gashSimple tension gash array developed in Carboniferous limestones at the Mumbles, South Wales
veins Photomicrograph of a calcite vein developed in a limestone
Slatey cleavageExample of slatey cleavage formed in late Precambrian siltstones from the Hazara hills, Pakistan

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