Minor structures
DMT structures Structures indicative of Diffusional Mass Transfer
fault features Minor structures on faults
Extending layers Extending layers: How to deduce that layers and lines have been extended
Types of cleavage Different types of cleavage
Tension gashes Tension gashes: what are tension gashes and how do they form?
Vergence / facing How minor folds can be used to deduce larger fold geometry - beware this links into the folds site so return navigation may be tricky.
ductile structures Ductile structures
Picture gallery

Picture gallery

Deformation structures that can be observed directly in individual outcrops (of say a few metres across) or with the naked eye in hand specimen are commonly referred to (rather disparagingly) as "minor structures". They nevertheless underpin many structural interpretations - they are the building blocks that allow understanding of larger scale structures. The set of icons opposite provide links to collections of structures.

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