Virtual field trips

Virtual field trips are a simple tool for organising photographs, field data and perhaps some diagrams from specific natural examples of geology. In many ways this name is a misnomer - there is no way that working through these web sites substitutes for observing rocks in the field. The intellectual processes are quite different. Nevertheless these sites do provide greater levels of interaction than conventional books or poster displays. Here in Leeds we use them to support various modules and provide context for measured data, field relationships or rock samples in laboratory classes. You can visit the sites by clicking on the icons below. Some are self-contained with teaching materials available as pdf files.

Moine Thrust Belt
Virtual "field trip" to key sites in the Moine thrust belt
The Dead Sea Transform in Lebanon
Virtual "fieldtrip" to the Dead Sea Fault system, particularly the Lebanese sector of the plate boundary
Nanga Parbat
Virtual "field trip" that looks at deformation kinematics at Nanga Parbat, Pakistan Himalayas
Western Gneiss Region, Norway
Exhumation of eclogites in the Western Gneiss Region, Norway
Internal Alps
Internal Alps
Subalpine field excursion
Subalpine field excursion
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Last update: 10th October 2007