Structural Geology

Subalpine folds and faults practical

This practical exercise is run entirely out of the Nathan Bodington building. It is designed to allow you to develop understanding of fault and fold systems on maps and cross-sections and, being on the web, you can do it at your own speed. Work through the material here, down-loading and printing any images (the pdf versions, via Acrobat) you may need and answering questions along the way. You should then tackle the related MCQ (accessible via the MCQ pages) called "Bornes mcq". This will ask a series of questions and you will be able to get feedback on your understanding.


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Looking roughly NW from the top of Semnoz towards the southern part of the Jura, across the southern part of the Annecy basin (fields). The lake is the Lac du Bourget, near the town of Aix-les-Bains. The Clergeon fold forms the prominent wooded ridge that retains the lake.