The Roum Fault system at the Damour valley

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The Damour valley contains the faulted contact between folded rocks of the Chouf hills (Jebal Barouk-Mount Lebanon block) and the flat-lying coastal terrain of the Tyre-Nabatiye plateau. The fault zone is several hundred metres wide and contains at least two main strands. These show strike-slip straie. The course of the Damour river is deflected several hundred metres. However, this offset is not the finite displacement on the fault - other disrupted drainage is evident here. Although total displacements cannot be established, the section is important because at least some of the faulting may be linked to landscape evolution and thus dated. Critically the fault zone offsets the Damour gorge and thus post-dates the marine terraces into which the gorge has incised. Furthermore, the faults deform cave features that formed once the area was above water table. All this points to very young displacements on the Roum Fault system - a conclusion concistent with the seismicity.