The northern Yammouneh fault: Wadi Chadra

Chadra map Chadra 2 Chadra 1 Chadra 5 Chadra 3 Chadra 4 Chadra 6

The Yammouneh Fault runs north, out of the high ground of Mount Lebanon and into low ground largely containing lavas - the Homs basalt.
The southern edge of the basalt outcrop appears to be offset by the Yammouneh Fault - a map pattern that is classically used to infer the amount of displacement on the fault since the basalt erupted. But the outcrops tell a different story. The basalt appears to have erupted against the fault - not be offset by it. There is no sign of faulting of the basalt in Wadi Chadra. Furthermore, the young streams show no offset. There is evidence for the fault however and pre-basalt landforms are offset. So the conclusion to be drawn is that te Yammouneh fault moved, offset the landscape (essentially the anticline of Mount Lebanon) and then this landscape was part filled in by basalt. The basalts are dated as older than 5 million years old. So this northern part of the fault looks to have been inactive, at least as a major strike-slip fault over the past 5 Myr.