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Yim Ling Siu Dr Yim Ling Siu

Lecturer Environmental Risk Management

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 36717
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Room: 11.103

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute

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Dr. Siu joined the School in December 1999 as an ESRC funded post-doctoral researcher focusing on development of quality audit tools for Science for environmental policy. She became a Senior Research Fellow in 2000 and then appointed as SeniorTeaching Fellow by the School in 2002, and became Lecturer in Environmental Risk Management in 2015.

Yim Ling has extensive research and work experience in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations in the fields of energy, water, transport and the environment. Before joining the School, she had been at the Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds University working on various research projects, centring on land-based transport and the environment, in particular forecasting travel demands in relation to socio-economic changes, modelling new and used car prices and demand, monitoring traffic volumes via automated traffic counters, examining pedestrian safety via conflict studies and applying multimedia applications on transport surveys and data collection on the Internet. Before that she graduated and worked in the School of Geography of Leeds University, developing computer-based geographic information systems (GIS) models for use in the energy and water domains: energy resource modelling and planning, and water pollution and quality monitoring. She has a Ph.D. from the School of Geography in energy planning and modelling.



  • Honours Diploma in Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University (formerly Hong Kong Baptist College);
  • M.A. & Ph.D. in Human Geography, University of Leeds - 1989.


Society for Risk Analysis

Research Interests

Risk analysis, environmental modelling and information systems, knowledge management, Internet-based environmental applications.

Yim Ling's research interests focus on 3 primary areas:

  1. risks, in particular environmental risk perception and decision-making based on system dynamics and knowledge management perspectives;
  2. quality audit for science, in particular the knowledge divide between "public understanding of science" and "scientist's understanding of the general public" based on deliberative-participatory, web-based approach;
  3. environmental informatics and modelling, in particular developing multiple natural hazards risk assessment models and information systems for environmental risk analysis and assessment, based on geographic information system (GIS) and database applications.

Additionally, she has a keen interest in developing a new paradigm of risk analysis (or a meta-theory of risk) in view of providing a better theory to encompass and explain the highly complex, intricate and dynamic nature of risk (and its risk decisions and behaviour), particularly in relation to sustainable development in our modern societies.

Areas for PhD supervision

I welcome queries on doctoral research projects on topics such as:

  • Singular or multiple natural hazard risk assessment and modelling
  • Risk perceptions
  • Risk knowledge management
  • Environmental risk and information systems
  • Risk theory and paradigm
  • Climate change mitigation policy evaluation
  • The energy-water-food nexus

PhD supervision:

  • Tsihbumbu Shamwana (Freddy): Investigating the role of Corporate Responsibility in promoting sustainable mining

Completed PhD students (for whom I am the principal supervisor):

  • Maha Alsabbagh (2016) - now lecturer at the Environmental Management in Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. Award winner of VIWA 2016 Young Women Achiever.
  • Baoyin Liu (2015) - now research fellow in Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources/Institute of Policy and Management of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Cheng Wen (2014) - now Research Associate at SRI/School of Earth & Environment
  • Xin Li (2012) - now Senior Research Associate in Energy Innovation, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia
  • Kuishuang Feng (2011) - now Research Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
  • Joanna Ganatsiou (2007)

Completed PhD students (for whom I am the co-supervisor):

  • Uzma Aslam (2013) - jointly with Luuk Fleskens
  • Yingluk Kanchanaroek (aka Bee) (2014) - jointly with Claire Quinn

PhD internal examiner:

  • Ahmed Maroos-AL-Saiari: now Directorate General of Environment and Climate Affairs in Dhofar Governorate
  • Muhammad Qasim: now Associate Professor in Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan.

PhD transfer chair:

  • Macro Sakai: now research fellow at SRI/School of Earth & Environment
  • Dabo Guan: now Professor in Climate Change Economics at School of International Development, University of East Anglia

Research Support Group member:

  • Md. Monirul Islam: Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Fisheries of Bangladesh with reference to Vulnerability of Livelihoods of Fisherfolk and Their Adaptation Strategies

Current research projects include:

  • UK Met Office’s Climate Science for Service Partnership: China "Improving the treatment of uncertainty in Climate Services in China" (Co-I), August 2017 for a duration of 2 years.

Completed research projects include:

(as the Principal Investigator)

  • Applications of a new risk paradigm on natural disasters in China - UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, U.K.
  • Impacts of Natural Hazards on Energy Security in China: A case study of floods - Ministry of Science & Technology / State Key Lab. of Earth Surface Processes & Resource Ecology, China
  • Climate & Geohazard Services: Knowledge Transfers (Risk analysis in China) - Climate & Geohazard Services, Leeds University, U.K.
  • Public Policy & Public Attitudes: Develop People’s environmental risk knowledge databases - faculty of Environment Enterprise Knowledge Transfer, Leeds University, U.K.

(as the Co-PI)

  • UK Met Office’s Climate Science for Service Partnership: China – WP5.3 developing translational science for climate services

Short-listed research proposals include: (as the Co-PI and the leader of a workpackage on risk or social science theme)

  • NERC's Science for Humanitarian Emergencies & Resilience (SHEAR) - project title: Socio-Economic implications of Rianfall InducEd Landslides resulting from rock mass softening (SERIRL) (2016)
  • NERC's Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards in Earthquake Prone Regions in China (IRNHiC) - project title: Quantifying the risks of earthquake-induced floods and developing enhanced resilience strategies. (2015)
  • NERC’s “The changing water cycle in the UK uplands” programme - WP 4 “Development of a risk analysis framework” (2010)

Other research project submissions but not funded include

  • The British Council's Newton Institutional Links Grants (June 2016)- project title: Resilience Management of Riverine Socio-Ecological Systems for Adadpation to Climate Extreme Events (with Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil)

International visiting scholars, government officials and research collaborations

2017: (Hosting) Dr. Xingqi Zhang, School of Geographic & Oceanographic Sciences, Nanjing University on “Multi-hazard risk assessment in large river delta areas

2016: (Hosting) Beijing Audit Bureau UK official visit: Leeds (21 high ranking government officials)

2010-11: (Hosting) Prof. Feng Gao (Chinese Academy of Sciences) on “The impact of climate change on the occurrence of natural hazards and energy security in Chinese cities”

Teaching Interests

Yim Ling has experience in coordinating and managing research projects as well as teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Over the past years, she has been responsible for teaching 6 undergraduate modules and 1 postgraduate module in which she is the module leader, as well as supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students (including Masters and PhD students) at the School.

She is the programme leader of MSc Climate Change & Environmental Policy study programme and the module leader of:

  • SOEE1014 & SOEE1024 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • SOEE2670 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • SOEE3112 Environmental Risk: Science, Policy & Management

She also contributes to:

  • SOEE1610 Introduction to Creating Sustainable Futures
  • SOEE1381 Skills for Environmental Social Science
  • SOEE1460 Environmental Science for Environmental Management (web-based teaching materials and online assessment)

Teaching Enhancement & Student Success projects include:

Current projects:

  • Introduction to Environmental Science e-textbook (School of Earth & Environment STEF 2017) (contributor)

Completed projects:

  • Enviroweb Revitalised (School of Earth & Environment STEF, University of Leeds 2012/13) (PI)
  • Enviroweb Evolution (Faculty Environment TESS, University of Leeds 2010/11) (PI)

Support duties

I play a vital role in supporting students' needs and enhancing students' learning experience before and during their study at the School/University. My roles include:

  • "Environmental Science" subject tutor of the "Access to Leeds Scheme" of the University to support wider access of the talented students who have the potential to succeed at univeristy regardless of their educational or personal background (an alternative routes in to studying at the School/Univeristy)
  • the School's Student Pastoral Advisor (to give academic advice and pastoral support to students with special circumstances and needs)

In the past, I also played significant roles in supporting the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) team at the faculty and School levels, and providing advice to UG overseas students (for the Environment side) at the School. I was:

  • the School's UG International Students Advisor (Environment)
  • the VLE representative of School of Earth & Environment and a member of the Faculty of Environment VLE Committee