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Timothy Keslake Timothy Keslake

Postgraduate Researcher

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Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


Tim is a PhD student within the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS) at the University of Leeds.

His project uses composition data assimilation, combining remote sensing satellites and global atmospheric models, to test our knowledge of atmospheric chemistry and aerosols. This has involved using the Composition Integrated Forecast System (C-IFS) and working with the reactive gases and aerosol groups at ECMWF. His work has particularly focussed on the impact of fires on ozone and carbonaceous aerosol concentrations.


MChem Chemistry - University of Leicester

Research Interests

  • Impact of fire emissions on the earth system
  • Global modelling of trospheric chemistry and aerosols
  • Tropospheric Ozone formation
  • Data assimilation

Project details

Project title

Investigating the impact of fires on atmospheric composition using reactive gases and aerosol data assimilation

Start date:

1st October 2013