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Simon Vosper Prof Simon Vosper

Visiting Professor (Met Office)

Telephone number: c/o Doug Parker
Email address:

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

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Qualifications: BSc Mathematics, PhD Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds

Memberships/Fellowships: Royal Meteorological Society

Research Interests: Mesoscale meteorology, fluid dynamics (computational and experimental)

Simon Vosper joined the School in November 1995 from the Department of Applied Mathematical Studies. His research focusses on atmospheric flows over hills and mountains. In particular his interests include processes such as internal gravity-wave generation and propagation, lee vortex shedding, flow separation, flow splitting and gravity-wave breaking. Simon has experience in both computational and experimental fluid dynamics as well as field measurement techniques.

Simon is now employed by the Met Office and is a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science. He manages the ICAS-Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) on the Met Office Side.