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Sat Ghosh Prof Sat Ghosh

Visiting Researcher

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Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

Professor Sat Ghosh's links with ICAS go back to the summer of 2001 when he joined as a Research Fellow working with Professor Mike Smith and Dr Alex Rap. The project involved multi-component aerosol parametrizations in Hadley Centre GCMs and resulted in definitive joint publications with ICAS Scientists. This was followed by another Research Project on Cirrus Clouds where he worked with Dr Steven Dobbie and Dr John Marsham. Soon afterwards, he accepted a Professorship at the School of Mechanical Engineering, VIT University and moved to India, whilst maintaining strong links with ICAS. He continues to work as an Associate Editor for a Royal Meteorological Society Journal Atmospheric Science Letters, where many papers from ICAS are published. Prof. Ghosh regularly invites ICAS Scientists as Keynote speakers at International Conferences organised by VIT University and also visits ICAS yearly. In 2012 he received the ASL Editor's award in 2012 for promoting Atmospheric Science among young researchers in the Indian subcontinent.