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Robert Dorrell Dr Robert Dorrell

Visiting Researcher

Telephone number: C/o Prof Bill McCaffrey

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience


Robert is a research fellow within the Turbidite Research Group (TRG), he is currently based at the University of Hull. Robert completed a a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Bristol in 2010. After his Ph.D. Robert worked at the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (2010), compiling governmental reports on state-of-the-art science, and subsequently at the University of Southampton (2011-2013) as part of a NERC project studying the process-product of an active submarine channel system in the South West Black Sea.

Research Interests

My research interests extend to theoretical and experimental modelling and field studies of the hydrodynamic and morphodynamics processes of deep-marine, coastal and fluvial environments. In particular I am interested in processes controlling the erosion, transport and deposition of particulate material in deep marine environments.

Current research grants include

  1. New real-world field-scale calibration for improved turbidity current impact modeling. NERC Innovation Programme (£140k). PI Dr. M. Clare; Co-I Dr. R.M. Dorrell, Prof. P.J. Talling, Dr. M. Cartigny. 11/2016-11/2018.
  2. Coriolis and Rotational Effects on Stratified Turbulence. EuHiT (£7.8k). PI Prof. J. Peakall; Co-I Dr. R.M. Dorrell, G.M. Keevil, A. Wåhlin, M. Wells. 09/2016-10/2016
  3. A new model for particle entrainment and suspension. UCD Horizon Scanning (£10.9k). PI Dr. L.A. Amy; Co-I Dr. R.M. Dorrell. 04/2016-12/2017
  4. Prediction of stratigraphic heterogeneity in tidally influenced fluvial successions: forward stratigraphic modelling for reservoir prediction, NEXEN (£190k), PI Dr. N.M. Mountney; Co-I Dr. R.M. Dorrell, Dr L. Colombera. 09/2014-09/2016

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests are lead by my research interestes into environmental fluid dynamics. This is reflected by my supervision of students at the University of Leeds, including

Postdoctoral Research Assistants:

  1. Dr. N. Yan. “Prediction of stratigraphic heterogeneity in tidally influenced fluvial successions: forward stratigraphic modelling for reservoir prediction”.

Ph.D. Students:

  1. I. de Cala: “Dune cross-stratification in turbidite systems”.
  2. R. Hetherington: “Aerodynamic action on inclined stranded cables in cable-stayed bridges”.
  3. C. Shields: “Large scale turblence in density driven flows”.
  4. C. Lloyd: “Shark biomimetics - drag reduction in sharks”.
  5. P. Allen: “Transitional multiphase flow: the behaviour of seafloor landslides”.
  6. B. Barrett-Crosdil: “The stratigraphic architecture of shallow marine systems in syn- to post-rift settings”.
  7. R. Kelly: “Dynamics of density driven flows in sinuous channels”.
  8. V.L. Ho: “Multi-stage density driven flows”.

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