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Marieanne Leong Marieanne Leong

Postgraduate Researcher

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Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


Nature and adventure are the elements of the air that I breathe, and curiosity is the blood in my veins that keeps me alive.

A degree in Natural Resources Science has turned my love of everything-under-the-sun into a lifestyle that I am very proud of. My environmental awareness continue to develop throughout the years and I've obtained a considerable amount of knowledge in the wise use of our natural resources through my practical experiences in the management and protection of forest and wildlife, as well as in the integration of society in the sustainability chain.

Adventures on Earth aren't complete without going up in the sky to say hello to the clouds that give us shades, rain and snow! I currently have my head in the clouds doing my fourth year of PhD in Atmospheric Science. My research focuses on understanding the responses of deep convective clouds to a warmed climate.


Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Resources Science, University Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia (2013)

Work experience: Throughout my undergraduate years, my interests in field work and internships have involved working with wildlife, social and environmental protection. My major work had been in the rehabilitation of Bornean sun bears at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Sepilok, Sandakan in Malaysia. In addition, I've also been a part of a team that conducts social and environmental impact assessment on oil palm smallholders, a project known as the Wild Asia Group Scheme (WAGS) carried out by Wild Asia, as a way to address the challenges of traceability in the palm oil supply chain, as well as to understand the challenges of small producers and to work with those in the palm oil supply chains in order to broaden the inclusion of more small producers in the global supply chain. I've also undertaken work in formal environmental impact assessment with Chemsain Konsultant for a brief period before starting my PhD.

Research Interests

Deep convection, changes in thermodynamic envrionments of future climate

Project details

Project title

Understanding the responses of deep convective clouds to changing thermodynamic environments


Dr S Dobbie


Government of Malaysia

Project outline

With climate warming, increased heat and moisture will alter the thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere. We are looking into investigating how the changes in thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere would affect deep convective clouds and subsequently affecting precipitation and cloud radiative effects.