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Luke Marsden Luke Marsden

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 8.154

Affiliation: Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics


I use modelling to investigate the influence of volcanic processes on shear stress exerted on the conduit-edifice boundary as magma ascends. By outputting depth-variable shear stress profiles from this flow modelling, and using them to drive deformation modelling, I am able to assess whether observed deformation can be achieved through shear stress during realistic ascent of magma.

1st class Integrated Master's in Geoscience (Geophysical Route) from Durham University (2009-2013). Worked in seismic processing for CGG 2013-2016. Has been in Leeds since October 2016, assessing the relationship between low-frequency seismicity and near-field deformation during key stages of eruptive activity at silicic volcanoes.


2009-2013: 1st class MSCI in Geoscience (Geophysical Route) - University of Durham

Masters research project:

Title: Quantifying the volume flux of multiphase magma: implications for brittle failure of magma

Supervisor: Dr. Ed Llewellin

Conference Participation:

Oral Presentations:

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Causes and relievers of stress: Coupled flow and deformation modelling to explain observed deformation at silicic volcanoes, VMSG; 2018 Jan 3-5; Leeds, UK.

Poster Presentations:

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Linking spatial and temporal variations in shear stress within a volcanic conduit to observed deformation and seismicity, EGU; 2018 Apr 9-13; Vienna, Austria.

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Collinson, A., Using seismic and tilt measurements to forecast eruptions of silicic volcanoes - an introduction, VMSG-TSG-BGA Joint Assembly; 2017 Jan 4-6; Liverpool, UK.

Teaching Interests


Co-designed and ran a workshop titled 'Volcano Seismology' suitable for post-graduate level non-seismologists, following the VMSG conference in Leeds: 6th Jan 2018.

Demonstrator for SOEE2190: Time Series Analysis and Digital Signal Processing

Demonstrator for SOEE3171: Volcanic Processes

Demonstrator for SOEE2550: Applied Geophysics (seismic data processing)


Demonstrator for SOEE1150/SOEE2630: Fundamentals of Geophysics

Demonstrator for SOEE3171: Volcanic Processes

Support duties

Co-host/organiser of the IGT internal seminar series

Project details

Project title

Using Seismic and Tilt Measurements to Forecast Eruptions of Silicic Volcanoes.


Professor Jurgen Neuberg and Dr Mark Thomas


Leeds-York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) 2016

Start date

1 October 2016