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Luke Marsden Luke Marsden

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 8.154

Affiliation: Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics


I am a volcano seismologist and numerical modellerinterested in the relationship between deformation and seismicity at silicic volcanoes. Tilt (the change in inclination of the volcanic flanks) and seismicity have both been independently used to forecast eruptions of silicic volcanoes, with varying degrees of success. As magma ascends through a volcanic conduit, shear stress is exerted on the conduit walls, proportional to the ascent rate, pulling up the surrounding edifice. At a critical shear stress, magma fails in a brittle manner, triggering low-frequency seismicity. I investigate the relationship between seismicity and deformation by combining flow and deformation modelling, with the ultimate goal of creating a combined forecasting tool to be implemented in volcano observatories. My work so far has mainly focused on Tungurahua volcano, collaborating with staff at the IGEPN in Ecuador.

1st class Integrated Master's in Geoscience (Geophysical Route) from Durham University (2009-2013). Worked in seismic processing for CGG 2013-2016. Has been in Leeds since October 2016.


2009-2013: 1st class MSCI in Geoscience (Geophysical Route) - University of Durham

Masters research project:

Title: Quantifying the volume flux of multiphase magma: implications for brittle failure of magma

Supervisor: Dr. Ed Llewellin

Conference Participation:

Oral Presentations:

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Title TBC, IASPEI/IAVCEI Inter-Association Commission on “Volcano Seismology & Acoustics”, 2018 Sept 29-Oct 4, La Réunion.

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Causes and relievers of stress: Coupled flow and deformation modelling to explain observed deformation at silicic volcanoes, VMSG; 2018 Jan 3-5; Leeds, UK.

Poster Presentations:

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Linking spatial and temporal variations in shear stress within a volcanic conduit to observed deformation and seismicity, EGU; 2018 Apr 9-13; Vienna, Austria.

Marsden, L., Neuberg, J., Thomas, M., Collinson, A., Using seismic and tilt measurements to forecast eruptions of silicic volcanoes - an introduction, VMSG-TSG-BGA Joint Assembly; 2017 Jan 4-6; Liverpool, UK.

Teaching Interests


Co-designed and ran a workshop titled 'Volcano Seismology' suitable for post-graduate level non-seismologists, following the VMSG conference in Leeds: 6th Jan 2018.

Demonstrator for SOEE2190: Time Series Analysis and Digital Signal Processing

Demonstrator for SOEE3171: Volcanic Processes

Demonstrator for SOEE2550: Applied Geophysics (seismic data processing)


Demonstrator for SOEE1150/SOEE2630: Fundamentals of Geophysics

Demonstrator for SOEE3171: Volcanic Processes

Support duties

Co-host/organiser of the IGT internal seminar series (January 2017 - June 2018)

Project details

Project title

Using Seismic and Tilt Measurements to Forecast Eruptions of Silicic Volcanoes.


Professor Jurgen Neuberg and Dr Mark Thomas


Leeds-York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) 2016

Start date

1 October 2016