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Kate Scott Dr Kate Scott

Research Fellow

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Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


I am a Research Fellow for the EPSRC funded Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP). I am interested in the integration of resource efficiency, which includes the consumption and trade of materials and products, into climate mitigation policy. My research considers climate governance at the national (UK), supra-national (EU) and international (UNFCCC) level, contributing to ongoing international climate negotiations and action plans. I employ scenario methods and input-output analysis to both quanitfy the emissions consequences of consuption patterns/ trends, and to evaluate policy opportunities at these different spatial scales.

I am also part-funded on the UK Energy Research Centre project ADVENT. The primary objective is to explore future UK low-carbon energy pathways and quantify what they would mean for stocks of natural capital and for the provision of ecosystem services. We are developing tools for policy makers to analyse different energy futures in a way that brings energy and environmental considerations together into a single framework.


PhD in Climate Mitigation, Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds (June 2016). Awarded a PhD by publication entitled 'Integration of embodied emissions into climate mitigation policy'. I was awarded the Piers Sellers Prize by the Priestley International Centre for Climate for 'exceptional PhD research' in June 2016.

MA. in Sustainable Development, Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds (September 2007). Completed dissertation: Can the UK become a sustainable society? An analysis of sustainableconsumption in the UK using an input-output approach

BSc. (Joint Honours) in Environmental Chemistry and Geography at the University of Glasgow (July 2005). Completed 2 dissertations: An investigation of the water quality of Bardowie Loch and Implementation of European Environmental Policies: A comparison between Scotland and Denmark

Research Interests

  • Climate change mitigation policy
  • Consumption-based emissions
  • Resource efficiency
  • Input-output analysis
  • Low carbon transitions
  • Scenario analysis

Project details

Project title

CIE-MAP - Research fellow investigating material and product policies to reduce end-use energy demand (5 year EPSRC centre, ongoing)

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) - Researher applying quantitstive methods to explore future UK low-carbon energy pathways and quantifying what they mean for stocks of natural capital and for the provision of ecosystem services (ADVENT project)

UKERC - Development of a framework to assess the global impact on Ecosystem Services from UK consumption behaviours (complete 2015)

UK Energy Research Centre - Integration of Energy systems model UK TIMES with a multi-regoin input-output model to assess the global climate impacts of UK energy provision (complete 2015)

Committee for Climate Change - Investigating hisoric, current and future UK consumption-based emissions (completed April 2013)

Defra - Investigation into the CO2e emissions of the service industries (complete Feb 2013)