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Jenny Thompson Jenny Thompson

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: Staff Centre 8.11

Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute


2013-present: PhD at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

2011-2013: Laboratory and Research Cruise Assistant at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

2007-2011: MSci at the School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton


MSci in Oceanography (University of Southampton, 2011)


Member of European Association of Geochemistry

Project details

Project title

Nutrient and trace metal uptake and sequestration during Fe mineralization under anoxic conditions




Project outline

This project will focus on the adsorption and co-precipitation of a variety of biogeochemically active elements to Green Rust (GR), and will investigate the subsequent potential for these elements to be either fixed in the sediment or released to solution during early diagenesis. A dual approach will be taken, involving detailed laboratory experiments, followed by ground-truthing of the experimental results in a modern ferruginous basin (Lake La Cruz, Spain). Particular focus will be on the differing behaviour of individual elements during oxic and anoxic GR formation and transformation pathways. The ultimate goal will be to build an understanding of the role of GR in the biogeochemical cycling of elements such as P, Ni (essential for methanogenesis), and Cu (essential for aerobic methanotrophy) under ferruginous conditions.

This, in turn, will provide greater understanding of the potential for these elements to limit key biogeochemical processes in the ancient and future ocean. The main hypothesis to be tested is whether the multitude of experimental data that currently exists with regard to elemental adsorption to Fe oxides is really appropriate in terms of processes operating under anoxic, ferruginous water column conditions.