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Jason Harvey Dr Jason Harvey

NERC Advanced Research Fellow/Lecturer in Geochemistry

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 35206
Email address:
Room: 8.144

Affiliation: Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics


10/2012 onwards: Lecturer in Geochemistry and NERC Advanced Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Visiting Investigator, Carnegie Institution Washington (Department of Terrestrial Magnetism), Washington DC, USA. 2013 onwards. Re-Os-Pb geochronology of mantle sulphides; investigating the scale of mantle heterogeneity

Blaustein Visiting Professor, Stanford University, CA, USA. Awarded 2012. Mantle neodymium isotope heterogeneity: analytical resolution at the grain scale?

10/2010 to 10/2012: Research fellow in isotope geochemistry, University of Leeds

2009 to 2010: PDRA, The Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research (CEPSAR), The Open University

2008 to 2015: Associate lecturer (Earth Sciences), The Open University.

2007 to 2009: Visiting researcher / Sessional lecturer, School of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Birckbeck College, University of London

2006 to 2007: Thermal ionisation mass spectrometry specialist, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA.


2005 PhD: "Messengers from the mantle: unravelling the effects of melt depletion and metasomatism in continental and oceanic peridotite using Re-Os isotopes

2001: BSc Hons (Dunelm) Geology, Durham University.


Chair, Geochemistry special interest group of the Geological Society of London / Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Member of American Geophysical Union since 2004

Member of the Geochemistry Society since 2004

Elected Fellow of The Geological Society of London in 2005

Member of The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland since 2011

Member of the Mineralogical Society of America since 2014

Member of the European Association of Geochemists since 2015

Research Interests

My research focuses on chemical and isotopic heterogeneity in the mantle. In particular, I am interested in determining the magnitude and spatial distribution of such heterogeneities and determining the implications of these anomalous compositions in various tectonic settings. I use a variety of isotope systems to investigate these problems and collaborate with a number of research groups in Europe and the US. My current research interests are relatively diverse but have a common peridotite theme:

The Pb paradox and Os isotopic gap: the role of mantle sulphides as refractory domains. With Steve Shirey (Carnegie Institution, Washington) Jessica Warren (Stanford University), Al Brandon (University of Houston), Marjorie Wilson (University of Leeds), Janne Koorneeff (Vrije University)

The effects of melt depletion, metasomatism, and supergene weathering on S-Se-Te and PGE in pyroxenite xenoliths from Kilbourne Hole, NM. With Stephan König (University of Bonn), Ambre Luguet (University of Bonn)

Are Ti isotope ratios fractionated by oxide-silicate pairs during partial melting? With Marc-Alban Millet (University of Durham)

Pt-Re-Os systematics of abyssal peridotites. With James Day and Diana Brown (Scripps Institution of Oceanograpy, UCSD).

Stable Os isotope systematics in the Earth’s mantle. With Helen Williams, Marc-Alban Millet, Fienke Nann (University of Durham).

Strontium isotope disequilibrium between ocean island basalt olivine phenocrysts and the melt inclusions they contain. With Matt Jackson and Andrew Reinhard (UCSB)

Controls on the high PGE content of primary spinel. With Lewis Whitely, Richard Walshaw (University of Leeds), Chris Dale (University of Durham), Samantha Hammond (Open University).

The effects of melt depletion, metasomatism and refertilization on Li and its isotopes in peridotite xenoliths. With Tomáš Magna (Czech Geological Survey)

The water content of nominally anhydrous mantle minerals. With Lilley Schaffer (University of Houston), Al Brandon (University of Houston), Anne Peslier (NASA)

Nd isotope heterogeneity at the grain scale in the mantle. With Ethan Baxter (Boston University) Matt Jackson (University of California, Santa Barbara), Jon Davidson (Durham University) Jessica Warren (Stanford University) Dan Morgan (University of Leeds), Jon Maclennan (University of Cambridge)

The nature and extent of stable isotope (Zn, Cu, Mo, V) fractionation in mantle peridotites. With Paul Savage (University of Durham), Alex Halliday (University of Oxford), Yu-Hsuan Liang (University of Oxford), Julie Prytulak (Imperial College London)

Quantifying the hydrated inputs to subduction zones - a boron isotope study of fast and slow spreading mid ocean ridges. With Andrew McCaig (University of Leeds), Ivan Savov (University of Leeds)

Trace element systematics of variably altered peridotite-hosted base metal sulphides. With Munir Humayun (Florida State University), Richard Walshaw (University of Leeds)

PhD students:

Caroline Barnett (2013 intake) The paradoxes associated with mantle reservoirs and basalt petrogenesis

Fiona Couperthwaite (2013 intake) Tales of intrusion and eruption: bringing magmatic timescales to eruption monitoring

Lubomira Tomanikova (2015 intake) Volatile and fluid mobile element systematics of mantle xenoliths and their basic host rocks from selected Kamchatka Arc volcanoes.

Larissa dos Santos (2015 intake) Oceanic volcanism in the precambrian - insights from the Balkan-Carpathian Ophiolite

Eduardo Morgardo (2015 intake) Magmatic timescales of Southern volcanic zone eruptions: influenced by liquine-ofqui fault zone

Eleri Simpson (University of Edinburgh 2015 intake) Squeezing the sponge: the role of serpentinites in subduction zones

Teaching Interests

SOEE1590 First year scientific tutorials. Key skills in scientific communications for first year undergraduates

SOEE2094/2095 Second year scientific tutorials

SOEE2590 Mineralogy and Petrology. Basic crystallography, mineral systems, solid solution series, introduction to thermodynamics, advanced analytical methods in mineralogy

SOEE2107 Connemara Field Class. Dalradian igneous and metamorphic petrology / mapping.

SOEE3073/3078/5306 Geological sciences projects

SOEE3221 Geophysics research seminars (consultant geochemist)

Support duties

Academic lead for Thermal ionization mass spectrometry laboratory and clean chemistry suite (& 1 x Grade 6 technician), School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds.

University of Leeds NERC grant assessment committee (University-wide peer review demand management committee).

University of Leeds representative for the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment strategic review committee

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