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Gauthier Guerin Gauthier Guerin

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 9.157q

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


I graduatated with a Masters in Physics (MPhys) from the University of Leeds in 2010 and a MSc Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology accredited by UEL in 2013.

I obtained a Permaculture Desgin Certificate in 2011

I am currently undertaking a PhD at the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds.

Research Interests

Rooted in the urgent need to develop viable transition pathways and to trigger wide societal change in response to the global and ever increasing socio-ecological crisis, my current research interest revolves around understanding how organisational models compatible with a more sustainable form of social organisation can spread into the mainstream. I am also interested in working on the design of such organisational models and understanding their implications in terms of operationalising a new form of political economy.

So far I have been focusing on models facilitating democratic grassroot control and no individual financial ownership, and this using the principle of autonomy, sharing and mutual-aid.

My PhD focuses on housing provision and is looking at attempts and strategies to scale up fully mutual in common ownership housing co-operatives as a mainstream form of housing tenure in the UK.

Other key provision sectors I would like to focus on in the future and build a research team around are: information technologies, food production and retail, education, clothing and entertainment.


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Dr Lucie Middlemiss

External: Dr Paul Upham