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Elisabeth Simelton Dr Elisabeth Simelton

Visiting researcher

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Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute



B.A.(Education), M.Sc.(Geography), Ph.D.(Geography) from Güteborg University, Sweden.

Research interests

Most of my research and practical work have been in the fields of agriculture, soil, land use and rural people's adaptation to changes as well as rural development. I am also interested interactions between human and environmental systems how they change over different temporal and spatial scales. Regions of particular interest include East/Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam and China. My current research is directed towards global food security and more specifically the vulnerability of agricultural systems to droughts as part of the QUEST Project

Previous Positions

Settler of agricultural insurance claims (Agria, Sweden). Agriculture extension advisor in aquaculture project in northern Vietnam as trainer in Participatory Rural Appraisal methods (UNDP). Co-manager and trainer in a project Developing Network for female farmer/entrepreneurs in Novgorod region (Swedish Institute). Developing environmental awareness training for companies as "entertrainer" and illustrator (Entertrainer AB, Sweden). Lecturer (Güteborg University, Sweden).

Educational Background

B.A. in Education, thesis focusing on learning-styles. M.S. in Geography (physical geography). In a Minor Field Study I investigated farmers conceptions of soil conservation measures in northern Vietnam. The M.S. thesis looked at long-term effects on soil quality after forest fires in northern Spain (Barcelona University). Ph.D in Geography (physical geography). In the thesis I analysed climate and human impacts on wheat production and land use in the Loess Plateau region, China. The Minor Field Study and the PhD were fully funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).


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