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George Taylor

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 8.153e

Affiliation: Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics


I joined the Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics as a Ph.D. student in October 2014, after completing my undergaduate degree in Geophysics. My undergraduate dissertation involved the seismic imaging of the mantle transition zone beneath northern Turkey through the use of receiver functions. My current project is focused on the seismic imaging of the North Anatolian Fault Zone across the entire crust and upper mantle. To achieve this I use a variety of seismological techniques, including ambient noise analysis and local earthquake tomography.



Bachelor of Science, B.Sc. (with Honours) at the University of Leeds: Geophysical Sciences. Dissertation title: Observations of a Dynamic Mantle Transition Zone Beneath Northern Anatolia (Turkey) from Receiver Functions.


Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

Research Interests

My research interests encompass various areas of seismology, with a focus on using networks of seismometers to reveal the structure of the Earth on multiple scales. My current project is focused on using seismology to obtain the structure of the Earth's crust and upper mantle. To achieve this, I am interested in advanced imaging methods and the modelling of wave propagation in complex elastic media. In particular, I focus on techniques that go beyond typical earthquake seismology and I use the ambient seismic noise field (generated by oceanic and atmospheric interactions with the solid Earth) recorded at seismometers to produce high resolution images of the Earth's interior. My research interests place me with the Tectonics research group within the School of Earth and Enviroment.

I also maintain an interest in Deep Earth research, particularly in the seismic imaging of features such as the mantle transition zone through methods such as receiver funtions, and Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces (LLSVPs).

Teaching Interests

I have a vast range of teaching interests spanning the whole of the Geophysics degree programme here at Leeds. I have assisted in teaching the following modules:

- Computers and Programming in Geosciences (First Year)

- Malham Geophysical Field Class (Second Year)

- Seismic Reflection Data Processing (Second Year)

- Global Seismology (Final Year)

- Global Geophysics (Final Year)

I have also contributed to teaching in the following modules:

- Tectonophysics (Second Year)

- Inverse Theory (Final Year, and M.Sc. Exploration Geophysics)

I also attend a weekly drop-in session to assist Geophysics students with a broad range of the modules from the whole degree programme.

Project details

Project title

Multi-scale imaging of the North Antolian Fault Zone (Turkey) across crust and mantle


Dr S. Rost and Professor G. Houseman


NERC Doctoral Training Partnership:

Start date

1st October 2014