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Cathryn Birch Dr Cathryn Birch

University Academic Fellow

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 39831
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Room: 2.14a (Fairbairn House)

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

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Cathryn is a tenure-tracked Academic Research Fellow and brings expertise to SEE in process study within dynamical meteorology and in high-resolution modelling of weather and climate. Cathryn works to better understand the drivers of convection and high impact weather on a range of timescales. She works closely with the Met Office and industry to improve weather and flood forecasts.

Prior to this Cathryn worked for the Met Office but based within ICAS, where she worked on using convection-permitting model simulations to better understand tropical convection and the water cycle in West Africa, Australia and South-East Asia. Cathryn has also worked as a Research Fellow in ICAS, studying the dynamics and water cycle of the West African Monsoon and diagnosing the reasons for biases in atmospheric models. Cathryn's PhD was on the Arctic boundary layer and involved a significant amount of data collection through field work, which she then used to evaluate and improve atmospheric models.


  • BSc Environmental Science, 2006, University of Leeds
  • PhD Atmospheric Science, Surface-Atmosphere coupling over the central Arctic Ocean, 2009, University of Leeds


  • Panel member of WCRP GEWEX/CLIVAR Monsoons Panel
  • Associate Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

Research Interests

  • Tropical meteorology
  • Convection and severe weather
  • Monsoons and the water cycle
  • Land-atmosphere interaction
  • Convection-permitting models
  • Links between rainfall and flood forecasting