School of Earth and Environment

Dr Catherine (Frin) Bale

University Research Fellow (CPE & SEE)

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 38250
Email address:
Room: 10.112

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


I hold an EPSRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship, with joint appointment across the faculties of Engineering (Energy Research Institute) and Environment (Sustainability Research Institute); and am a member of the Centre for Integrated Energy Research.

Previously I was a research fellow on the City Energy Futures project; an interdisciplinary project bringing together mathematicians, computer simulation scientists, engineers and social scientists to investigate the use of complexity modelling in city-level energy decision-making.

Before joining the university in 2010, I worked in the public sector, developing strategic programmes to support the energy and environmental sectors.

My degree and PhD are in the physical sciences.


2005 - DPhil in Atmospheric Chemisty (University of Oxford)

2001 - MChem (University of Oxford)

Research Interests

My research interests are centred on:

  • The application of complexity science modelling methods to energy challenges at the technology-policy interface.
  • The delivery of national energy policy at the local level and the role of local authorities in city-level energy decision-making.

Current projects:

I currently hold an EPSRC post-doctoral fellowship and am undertaking a three year project entitled 'Reducing heat demand in UK cities: Using complexity science to enable effective decision-making' (EP/K022288/1).

In addition I am PI on a project awarded from the Chesshire-Lehmann Fund entitled 'Spatial mapping tools for district heating: helping local authorities tackle fuel poverty'.

I am also a researcher in the iBUILD consortium which is funded by EPSRC and ESRC and aims to develop new business models to improve the delivery of infrastructure systems and the services they provide.


Journal Publications

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Conference Proceedings

Bale C; McCullen N; Foxon T; Rucklidge A; Gale WF Local authority interventions in the domestic sector and the role of social networks : a case study from the city of Leeds in: Energy and People: Futures, complexity and challenges. Accepted.
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