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Adam Booth Dr Adam Booth

Lecturer: Exploration Geophysics

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 39743
Email address:
Room: 10.18d

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience


I am a near-surface geophysicist, specialising in the application of seismic and GPR techniques to the quantiative analysis of the subsurface. My main focus is in the cryosphere - specifically measuring the physical state of glaciers and ice bodies - but I also work with engineering and archaeological-type targets. I am a versatile field geophysicist, having performed surveys in the Arabian desert, the Burmese jungle and on glaciers at both poles! New branches of research are in automated classification of GPR images, with Leeds' Computer Scientists, and applying GPR methods to image the burrows of moles and meerkats.


2008 - PhD - Near Surface Geophysics (School of Geography, University of Leeds)

2003 - MSc - Exploration Geopysics (School of Earth and Envinroment, University of Leeds)

2002 - BSc - Geophysical Sciences (School of Earth and Envinroment, University of Leeds)


Fellow of the Geological Society of London; committee member of the Near Surface Geophysics Group

Member of EAGE, SEG, AGU, ISAP

Research Interests

A common theme in my research is the incorporation of oil industry acquisition and analysis procedures into the near-surface setting. This includes the integration of a multi-offset survey strategy for archaeological GPR data - implmeneted during my PhD research - and the application of AVA (amplitude-versus-angle) methods for hydrological analysis of the subglacial environment.

I am interested in integrative geophysical approaches, that incorporate novel procedures into data interpretation and combine observations from multiple geophysical platforms. I'm also interested in novel acquisition platforms, that either improve survey efficiency or offer new paradigms in data acquisition.

I'm a Co-Investigator on the NERC-FAPESP funded "NORDESTE" project, which looks to understand the caatinga biome in north-eastern Brazil. The contribution of ground penetrating radar (GPR) methods is to delineate and characterise the distribution and spatial density of tree roots in the biome.

Support duties

I supervise the following PhD projects:

Siobhan Prise - Subglacial Aquifers: Characterisation with geophysical methods. Project co-supervised by Phil Livermore and Jared West.

Alif Jelani - Wide-angle Seismic Reflection and Refraction Study of Seaward Dipping Reflector in Volcanic Passive Margins. Project co-supervised by Graham Stuart and Doug Angus.

Hardi Bin Saleh - Valhall Seismic Geomechanics: Case study of time-lapse and microseismic prediction from coupled flow-geomechanical models. Project led by Quentin Fisher.

Emma Pearce - Density assessment of ice masses using seismic Full Waveform Inversion. Starting October 2017, project co-supervised by Graham Stuart and Andy Nowacki, with NERC CASE support from Ian Jones at ION-GXT.

I also supervise undergraduate students Jonathan Marsh and Anne Harding, who are both working on archaeological GPR data acquired in the Shetland Isles.


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