Three River Hills

The web plugin for this landscape no longer works in modern browsers and cannot be updated. Instead you can download the standalone version,
unzip and run the exe file (administrative access is not required).

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A view over the mapping area.

Virtual Training Environment for the collection and recording of field data on a field map.

Explore the landscape, though as in real life rivers should be crossed at bridges.
At your disposal is a GPS Handset (G) and Compass (C) to help you navigate.
Click on outcrops to see the field notebook; you need to be close to the outcrop for interaction.
Record the data in pencil onto the field map - you will need to interpret as you go.
Just as in the field, you need to plan your route between outcrops to accurately complete the map

Download Field map Here
Link to Presentation Notes

Houghton JJ; Lloyd GE; Robinson A; Gordon CE; Morgan DJ (2015) The Virtual Worlds Project: Geological mapping and field skills, Geology Today, 31, pp.227-231. doi: 10.1111/gto.12117

Robinson A; Gordon CE; Houghton J; Lloyd GE; Morgan DJ (2015) ArcGIS to Unity: A design pipeline for creation of 3D terrain in serious egames for geology, Geology Today, 31, pp.237-240. doi: 10.1111/gto.12121


Arrow Keys or WASD keys - to control movement
Mouse - to control head ( where you are looking at )
Space Bar - Jump
G - Toggle GPS on / off
C - Toggle Compass on / off
Click on Outcrops when nearby to get field notebook
The notebook can be dragged around the screen


Project Lead - Jacqueline Houghton

Game Design - Annabeth Robinson

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