Welcome to the field excursion to the Subalpine chains. In this exercise you will be visiting a number of sites, building up a catalogue of the small-scale structures present and then using these to suggest how the rocks have deformed. You should be able to relate these styles of structural development to possible controls - the temperature at the time of deformation and the original nature of the rock layers. In addition there are measured structural data for a variety of sites which can be plotted up to provide further insight on structural evolution. Before jumping into the field areas you are advised to check out the other links listed below  the map.


Click here to download a structured plan for tackling this exercise (word doc) and a black/white version of the map below (pdf).

Location map Morcles Nappe Regional cross section Regional cross section Bauges Chartreuse

Chartreuse Bugey Bauges Bornes Morcles

The following links provide background notes for aspects of Subalpine geology.

  • Thermal information
    Brief notes and data on the temperature at the time of deformation for different parts of the Subalps.
  • Alps background
    This takes you to the general background notes on the Alps associated with the first year structure course.
  • References
    Some source material and further reading (mostly advanced).
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