An Teallach

An Teallach is a spectacular mountain of Torridonian sandstone, sculpted by glacial action. This area is already a GCR site for Quaternary geology. However, the area also shows the typical structure of the southern part of the Moine Thrust Belt. Unlike the northern areas, between Kinlochewe and south Assynt, the thrust belt is very narrow, commonly only represented by the Moine Thrust itself and thin slices of far-travelled Lewisian and Torridonian in its footwall. The ground to the east of An Teallach contains excellent exposures of these relationships, together with the spectacular sub-Cambrian unconformity.

This site is proposed to be included in the Moine Thrust Belt GCR because it is the best place to examine the architecture of the Moine Thrust where it has not been modified by imbrication in its footwall. The area provides an ideal, well-exposed transect through the "smooth-slipping" part of the thrust belt.

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