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chevronchevron fold in describing folds
chevron fold in mechanisms - shear

hingesFolded vein of granite from gneisses in the outer Hebrides
rounded foldContinuously curving fold developed in Cretaceous carbonates
similarA tight fold developed in metamorphosed quartzite
disharmonicDisharmonic folds
HarmonicHarmonic folds
cylinderCylindrical fold
groixCurvilinear fold
inclinedInclined fold
parasiticsParasitic folds
recumbentRecumbent folds
uprightUpright folds
amplitudeMeasuring amplitude
tlsnapTangential longitudinal strain
cusp"Mullion" structures
cusp"Mullion" structures
parasnapMultilayer behaviour
sstackMultilayer behaviour
thicknessMultilayer behaviour
thickthinBuckled folds
fbfoldFault-bend fold

shear foldExample of a shear fold

cleavageCleavage vergence
roundsFold with rounded hinge area but relatively straight limb, in Carboniferous limestones, Pembrokeshire
buckshrsAsymmetric recumbent folds developed in metabasic rocks from the Italian Alps
sim 2Highly flattened folds, with tight interlimb angles and near-ideal similar shapes
sim3Similar folds
refold1Polyphase fold patterns
ramsay1A "type 1" fold interference pattern, characterised by domes and basins
ramsay2A "type 2" fold interference pattern which generates rather strange "winged" or "butterfly" outcrop patterns
ramsay3A "type 3" fold interference pattern which generates tongue-shapes
ptygmaticBuckled folds
srFolds in an area of active mountain building - the front ranges of the Himalayas in Pakistan
syrosFolds from the island of Syros
isoclineA single isoclinal fold (where the limbs are parallel) within a train of otherwise tight folds
fold1An open fold with a broad, rounded hinge developed in layers of sandstone and thin shales
fold2A close fold developed in sandstone and shale layers at Hartland Quay

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