Picture gallery - faults

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appallachiansSimple fault-bend fold

boul2Thrust repetition - detail
boul3Hangingwall deflection
duplexA small-scale example of a duplex structure, developed in quartz sandstones from the north coast of Scotland
hopesHope's Nose, Devon
PolzeathListric normal fault, Polzeath
ramp5 Ramp-flat relationships - an example from Loch Eriboll, NW Scotland developed in quartz sandstones
ramp7Ramp-flat relationships - an example from the Franco-Spanish border in the Pyrenees
saltEmergent thrust - the edge of the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan
sanetschPlanar normal faults - domino blocks
pop1A pop-up structure carried on a back-thrust/fore-thrust couplet
detachmentDetachment faults
softnormal1Soft-linked normal faults in Carboniferous sandstones and shales from Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

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