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Sustainability Research Institute: Briefing notes

The briefing notes are peer-reviewed by at least one academic member of staff in Leeds or elsewhere with relevant expertise in the area of the brief. In addition to scrutinising the conventional academic standard of work, the review process for the briefs will seek to ensure that the briefs succeed in clearly communicating their key messages to the research users and stakeholders.

No. 24: UK financial investment and action on climate change consistent with 1.5 degrees Celsius Julia K. Steinberger and Elena Hofferberth, August 2019.

No. 23: Local Low Carbon Industrial Strategy Jonathan Busch, Julia K. Steinberger, Timothy J. Foxon, Peter G. Taylor, July 2019.

No. 22: Putting greenspaces and green infrastructure at the heart of Malawi's cities: a policy review Martin Dallimer, Stavros Afionis and David Mkwanbisi, March 2019.

No. 21: Coordination of large-scale agriculture investments in Zambia: Guidance for a more sustainable and socially just future Simon Manda, Andy Dougill and Anne Tallontire, February 2019.

No. 20: Connecting the policy dots: linking adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development for climate-resilient land use planning  Monica Di Gregorio, Emma Kendall and Emilia Pramova, December 2018.

No. 19: Barriers to adoption of measures for addressing soil degradation across Europe: Insights from the RECARE Project  Edna L. Chinseu, Julia Leventon, Lindsay C. Stringer, Uche Okpara, Luuk Fleskens, October 2018.

No. 18: Policy coherence for climate-sensitive planning in Ghana A. Belén Cárdenas, Nicola Favretto, Philip Antwi-Agyei, Andrew J. Dougill, Lindsay C. Stringer, September 2018.

No.17: Game play as a safe critical space for exploring research collaboration Joy Justice, Anne Tallontire, Jesse Hastings, Arisbe Mendoza, Harveen Kour, September 2018.

No.16: Links between Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Development in Land Policy and Ecosystem Restoration Projects: Lessons from South Africa Nicola Favretto, Andrew J. Dougill, Lindsay C. Stringer, Stavros Afionis, Claire H. Quinn, July 2018.

No. 15: Equipping construction workers with sustainable building skills: A focus on Leeds Kate Simpson, Alice Owen and Paul Chatterton, June 2018.

No. 14: Switching websites: switch them off! On the market of energy deal comparison websites Miklós Antal, April 2018.

No.13: How best to align planning for Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals: West African Lessons Philip Antwi-Agyei and Andrew Dougill, March 2018.

No 12: Climate Compatible Development at Local Levels: Assessing the integration of climate and development strategies in Muheza District, Tanzania Giovanni Pilato, Susannah M. Sallu and Marta Gaworek-Michalczenia, March 2018.

No 11: Integrating social protection and market-based delivery to accelerate low carbon energy access: Lessons from Malawi Benjamin T. Wood, March 2017.

No 10: The Governance of Hydrocarbons in Uganda: creating opportunities for multi-stakeholder engagement James Van Alstine, Laura Smith and Jacob Manyindo, March 2017.

No. 9: Use of Climate Projections in Local Adaptation Planning: Lessons from England & Germany Susanne Lorenz, Suraje Dessai, Piers M. Forster and Jouni Paavola, August 2016.

No.8: Communicating uncertainty in seasonal and interannual climate forecasts in Europe: organisational needs and preferences Andrea L. Taylor, Suraje Dessai and Wändi Bruine de Bruin, November 2015.

No.7: Testing the effectiveness of climate projections visualisations with adaptation practitioners Susanne Lorenz, Suraje Dessai, Piers M. Forster and Jouni Paavola, November 2015.

No.6: Progressing Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Zimbabwe Elizabeth P. Harrison, Vupenyu Dzingirai, Edson Gandiwa, Tendai Nzuma, Bensen Masviele and Honestly Ndlovu, April 2015.

No.5: Using climate information to achieve long-term development objectives in Malawi Katharine Vincent, Tracy Cull, Diana Chanika, Andy Dougill, Lindsay Stringer, Jami Dixon and David Mkwambisi, March 2015.

No. 4: Are agri-environment schemes 'greening' the environmental attitudes of participating farmers? Dean Clement Mason and George Holmes, February 2015.

No. 3: The future of palm oil in West and Central Africa: Workshop report Jen Dyer, Anne Tallontire and Guy Ziv, December 2014.

No. 2: Sustainable Liquid Biofuels from Biomass Biorefining (SUNLIBB) Anne Readshaw, Lindsay C. Stringer and Stavros Afionis, October 2014.

No. 1: Can the Clean Development Mechanism help finance energy access in the Least Developed Countries? The case of Tanzania Ben Wood, Susannah M. Sallu and Jouni Paavola, April 2014.