Earth Surface Science Institute (ESSI)

Palaeo@Leeds Group Members

A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

When telephoning from outside the University, dial +44 (0)113 34 extension.

Academic and teaching staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr Tracy Aze Lecturer in Marine Micropalaeontology, Programme Leader for BSc Environmental Sciences 30953 Email
Dr Natasha Barlow University Academic Fellow 33761 Email
Dr Alexander Dunhill Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 31288 Email
Dr Fiona Gill Lecturer in Palaeontology and Geochemistry 35190 Email
Dr Lauren Gregoire Academic Research Fellow 34945 Email
Prof Alan Haywood Professor of Palaeoclimate Modelling; UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science PI (Palaeoclimate); Director of Research and Innovation 38657 Email
Dr Daniel Hill Lecturer in Global Change Modelling 31052 Email
Dr Ruza Ivanovic NERC Research Fellow 32231 Email
Dr Crispin Little Senior Lecturer: Palaeontology 36621 Email
Dr Graeme Lloyd University Academic Fellow Email
Dr Christian Marz Associate Professor: Biogeochemistry 31504 Email
Dr Benjamin Mills University Academic Fellow Email
Dr Phillip Murphy Admissions Tutor; School and Colleges Liaison Officer; Lecturer 34727 Email
Dr Rob Newton Director of ESSI; Associate Professor of Earth Surface Geochemistry 37981/37062 mass spec lab Email
Prof Caroline Peacock Professor of Biogeochemistry; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 37877 Email
Prof Simon Poulton Chair in Biogeochemistry & Earth History; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 35237 Email
Prof Paul Wignall Professor of Palaeoenvironments 35247 Email

Research staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Jacopo Dal Corso Research Fellow 31182 Email
Johan Faust Research Fellow Email
Tianchen He Research Fellow Email
Dr Stephen Hunter Research Fellow 39085 Email
Robert Jamieson Research Fellow Email
Dr Martin Schobben DFG Research Fellow Email
Dr. Allyson Tessin Marie Curie Fellow Email
Dr Julia Tindall Research Fellow 34696 Email

Research students

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Lewis Alcott Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bethany Allen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jed Atkinson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jennifer Dentith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Niall Gandy Postgraduate Researcher Email
Joanna Hall Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alexander Krause Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jamie Lakin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andrew Mair Postgraduate Researcher Email
Autumn Pugh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Adam Woodhouse Postgraduate Researcher Email

Visitors and Emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr Bas de Boer Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Haywood Email
Prof Harry Dowsett Visiting Research Professor in Paleoceanography Email
Prof Dame Jane Francis Visiting Professor of Palaeoclimatology Email
Dr Romain Guilbaud Visiting Research Fellow Email
Lina Wang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Kan Zhang Visting Postgraduate Researcher Email

Undergraduate research students and Interns

Jed Atkinson Undergraduate Project Student - BSc Geological Sciences
Ellen Mears Undergraduate Project Student - Bsc Geological Sciences
Jennifer Rodley Undergraduate Project Student - BSc Geological Sciences