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Andrew Sudmant Andrew Sudmant

Research Fellow and PT Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 9.04b

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


Andrew is working under Professor Andy Gouldson on the Economics of Climate Smart Cities research program. At the Climate Smart Cities team program mini-Stern review studies are conducted by consulting with regional development authorities, national and municipal governments and partner universities to identify cost-effective climate change mitigation measures in cities. With this work the Climate Smart Cities program not only explores the case for green growth but the opportunity for climate change mitigation policies to enhance energy security and public health, raise employment, stimulate investment and improve public finances.


Andrew has an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics (2012) and a BA (Honours) in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Project details

Project title

Governing Emissions in Cities


Professor Andy Gouldson, Dr Kate Scott, and Dr Katy Roelich

Start date

1 June 2017