Ulf-Niklas Berninger

Ulf-Niklas Berninger

Research interests:

My ressearch interests focus on the interaction of aqueous solutions
with crystal surfaces. The dynamic and microscopic evolution of
surfaces and their influence on growth and dissolution mechanisms are
a key to the understanding of growth and dissolution kinetics on the
macroscopic scale.

Curriculum vitae



Berninger, U.-N. ; Jordan, G. ; Schott, J. ; Oelkers, E.H.
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Mg-isotope fractionation during the 25°C dissolution of hydromagnesite and at equilibrium

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F. Goldstein, N. Varley, J. Bustillos, U. Kueppers, Y. Lavallee, D.B. Dingwell and the ColTungu Team (M. Alatore, S. Becker, U-N. Berninger, G. Douillet, J. Hanson, S. Kolzenburg)
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