British Geological Survey: The Moine Thrust Project

BGS mappingIntroduction

The British Geological Survey has embarked on a 10 year project with the aim of revising 9 geological maps that cover the Moine Thrust Zone.

Both solid geology and quaternary geology (drift) maps will be produced, on paper and in digital format. The digital maps will be part of DIGMAP GB, the continuingly upgraded digital map of Great Britain.

Such a project in such an exciting area should not stand alone, and a variety of other initiatives are under way to take advantage from this opportunity. We expect that this project will also reinvigorate academic research in the area.

For details about the project:

View project details on the BGS website.

Project Leader: Dr Maarten Krabbendam:

Revision of solid geology

This involves the revision of 9 solid geology sheets at 1:50 000 scale. This revision will be based on the following:

New interpretations that will solve some long-standing structural problems, are expected to result from this work. Currently BGS geologists are revising the Assynt Special Sheet and parts of Sheet 81E (Loch Torridon). Researchers from St. Andrews, Durham and Oxford Brookes University are revising and remapping Sheet 108W (Ben Hee), focusing on the geology and structure of the Moine Supergroup.