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Hurricane from space, taken by Nasa

ICAS Professor joins US National Centre for Atmospheric Research

Alan Blyth, Professor of Atmospheric Science in ICAS and Director of NCAS-Weather, has been...


Satellite. Copyright ESA/ATG medialab
Copyright ESA/ATG medialab

Space: the new view on climate change

Using satellites to study the effects of climate change was the topic of the European Space Agency...


Environmental Studies Academy

The Environmental Studies Academy involves the...


Onwards and upwards! SEE scientist in exciting new BBC show

SEE’s Jim McQuaid is among the scientists who took to the skies in the world’s largest airship for one of the most ambitious atmospheric experiments on television. 

In a new two-part show for BBC Two, ‘Operation Cloud Lab: Secrets of the Skies’, Dr McQuaid, who works in the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science in the School of Earth and Environment, will fly from coast to coast across the USA aboard the Skyship 600. 


The 60m-long Skyship 600 used in Operation Cloud Lab. Image credit: Dr Jim McQuaid
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