Sustainability Research Institute

Climate Compatible Development: Building Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa

Group Members

Principal Investigators: Susannah Sallu (SRI) and Andy Dougill (SRI)

International Co-Investigators: Pius Yanda (University of Dar es Salaam); David Mkwambisi (Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi); Stephen Syampungani (Copperbelt University).

Post-doctoral Researcher: Julia Leventon (SRI)

Project Summary

The project brings together climate change and rural development researchers, NGO practitioners, private sector partners from the climate finance sector and government staff from three African countries (Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia). It extends research conducted within the School of Earth & Environment, CCCEP and Africa College by strengthening links between climate change adaptation and mitigation research for developing climate compatible development policy guidance and links to development practice advice supporting multi-stakeholder partnerships.

The project aims to:

a) build a research network for assessing different practices in working with rural communities to assess the impacts and adaptations required to address climate change related problems experienced across sub-Saharan Africa;

b) facilitate the exchange of best practices in developing new public-private-research partnerships across different countries (Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia) and stakeholder groups; and,

c)  strengthen links between, and develop a research programme on, the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation for both policy and practice guidance.

The project has secured funding from the World Universities Network (WUN), the School of Earth & Environment, the Centre for Climate Change Economics & Policy (CCCEP), and the Africa College partnership. Project aims will be realised during a Leeds-based workshop on ‘Climate Compatible Development and experience in sub-Saharan Africa’, and 2) by conducting collaborative research in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.

Workshop: Climate Compatible Development and experience in sub-Saharan Africa (15-17th May 2012)

As part of this project, a 3-day workshop on Climate Compatible Development was hosted by the School of Earth & Environment & the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) at the University of Leeds between 15th and 17th May 2012. The workshop brought together international development and donor agencies, policy makers, and international researchers addressing institutional, social and environmental components of climate compatible development debates, with climate change and rural development researchers, NGO practitioners, private sector partners from the climate finance sector and government staff working in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. 42 individuals attended the workshop which was jointly funded by the World Universities Network (WUN), CCCEP and Africa College.

Workshop Programme & participants (PDF)

Workshop Synthesis (PDF)

The following workshop outputs and follow up activities are currently in preparation:

  • Short workshop brief.
  • Academic discussion piece reporting the conceptual debates around Climate Compatible Development in Day 1.
  • An academic paper reporting research, policy and practical perspectives of CCD from the African contexts (outcomes of Days 2 and 3).
  • Follow up project and policy research in Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi as part of FIRC-WUN funded project.
  • Project development and proposal writing.
People in meeting
People in meeting

Presentations Day 1: Policy insights and donor perspectives on Climate Compatible Development

Building Partnerships & Research Capacity for Climate Compatible Development in sub-Saharan Africa (Susannah Sallu and Andy Dougill, SRI)

Exploring Climate Compatible Development: concepts, use, evidence (Lindsey Jones, ODI & Natasha Grist, CDKN)

What is Climate Compatible Development for urban populations? (Prof. David Satterthwaite, IIED)

Community based natural resource management and Climate Compatible Development (Philip Powell, Ecolivelihoods)

Climate Compatible Development: A practitioners perspective (Dr. Mike Riddell, Bioclimate R&D)

Presentations Day 2: Design and implementation of Climate Compatible Development - perspectives from sub-Saharan Africa

Insights from Day 1 & Day 2 Introduction: Challenges & Lessons for Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Climate Compatible Development (Andy Dougill and Susannah Sallu, SRI)

Perspectives from policy, practice and academic for CCD projects in Zambia: drawing lessons from Joint Forest Management areas (Dr. Stephen Syampungani, Copperbelt University)

Climate Compatible Development: insights from Malawi (Dr. David Mkwambisi, Bunda College of Agriculture Malawi)

Trees of Hope: Setting the pace of CCD in Malawi? (Commodius Nyirenga, Trees of Hope Malawi)

Translating Climate Compatible Development in the Local Context: The Case of Miombo Landscape in Western Tanzania (Prof. Pius Yanda, University of Dar es Salaam)

Climate Compatible Development: Perspectives from policy, practice and academia in Tanzania (Charles Meshack, Tanzania Forest Conservation Group)

Research: Climate Compatible Development in sub-Saharan Africa (2011-2014)

Collaborative research in this project seeks to:

a) Analyse climate change knowledge and adaptation priorities of different actors (rural communities, NGOs, private sector companies, Government staff, UN agencies etc.) and assess routes for enabling shared knowledge and partnerships for enhancing rural adaptive capacity in African rural systems;

b) Examine the nature and functioning of new multi-stakeholder approaches that are being established to enable climate change mitigation and enhanced rural adaptive capacity; and

c) Share practical experiences emerging from research across the three countries with multi-stakeholder representatives from across the region and from UK-based NGOs and private sector climate finance companies.

Research partnerships build on strong foundations established through existing partnerships between the University of Leeds and the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, Bunda College of Agriculture in Malawi and Copperbelt University in Zambia.

Research publications

Stringer LC; Dougill AJ; Mkwambisi DD; Dyer JC; Kalaba FK; Mngoli M (2012) Challenges and opportunities for carbon management in Malawi and Zambia, Carbon Management, 3, pp.159-173. Available on request from authors.


For more information please contact: Dr. Susannah Sallu s.sallu(at) or Prof Andy Dougill a.j.dougill(at)