Sustainability Research Institute

Environmental Change and Sustainable Development Members

A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

When telephoning from outside the University, dial +44 (0)113 34 extension.

Academic and teaching staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Paul Abbott Lecturer 39086 Email
Prof Lea Berrang-Ford Priestley Chair in Climate and Health Email
Dr Marta Bruno Soares Met Office University Academic Fellow 31635 Email
Dr Martin Dallimer Associate Professor in Environmental Change 33036 Email
Dr Monica Di Gregorio Lecturer: Environmental Politics & Governance 31592 Email
Professor Andy Dougill Dean of Faculty & Professor of Environmental Sustainability 36782 Email
Dr Jen Dyer Lecturer in Sustainability 30226 Email
Prof James Ford Priestley Chair in Climate Adaptation (Based in Geography) Email
Dr Stephen Hall University Academic Fellow 32663 Email
Dr Pasi Heikkurinen Lecturer in Business & Sustainable Change 39631 Email
Dr George Holmes Associate Professor: Conservation and Society 31163 Email
Dr Eleanor Jew Teaching Fellow 37966 Email
Professor Jason Lowe Priestley International Centre for Climate Chair Email
Professor Jouni Paavola Professor of Environmental Social Science; Director - ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics & Policy 36787 Email
Dr Claire Quinn Associate Professor: Natural Resources Management; Deputy Director of Research (Excellence) 38700 Email
Dr Susannah Sallu Associate Professor of Environment and Development 31641 Email
Prof Lindsay C. Stringer Professor in Environment and Development 37530 Email
Dr Anne Tallontire Senior Lecturer: Business, Environment & Corporate Responsibility; Pro-Dean for Student Education 36469 Email
Professor Peter Taylor Chair in Sustainable Energy Systems; Associate of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy 37169 Email
Dr James Van Alstine Associate Professor: Environmental Policy 37531 Email
Dr Stephen Whitfield Associate Professor: Climate Change & Food Security 39754 Email

Research staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr Meghan Alexander Research Fellow 37966 Email
Dr Ajay Bhave Research Fellow, Sustainability Research Institute Email
Dr Rachael Carrie Research Fellow Email
Meaghan Daly Research fellow Email
Dr Andrew Fanning Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Nicola Favretto Research Fellow 35576 Email
Dr Mark Goddard Research Fellow in Urban Ecology Email
Dr Elisa Greco Research Fellow in Sustainability Standards and Agricultural Value Chains Email
Dr Marcelin Mahop Research Fellow at the Sustainability Research Institute Email
Shimaa Meawad Visiting Researcher Email
Neha Mittal Research Fellow Email
Dr Paola Hernandez Montes de Oca de Sakai Research Fellow 37966 Email
Dr Harriet Smith Research Fellow (AFRICAP) Email
Dr Rachel Tilling Research Fellow Email
Dr Julia Tindall Research Fellow 34696 Email

Research students

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Zubaida Baba Postgraduate Researcher Email
Vincent Basupi Postgraduate Researcher Email
Louise Beveridge Postgraduate Researcher Email
Heather Briggs Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jamie Carr Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jonathan Carruthers-Jones Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dario Cortés Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marta Gaworek-Michalczenia Postgraduate Researcher Email
Solene Guenat Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jody Harris Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Thirze Hermans Postgraduate Researcher Email
Josiane Kakeu Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gabriel Lopez Porras Postgraduate Researcher Email
Robin Loveridge Postgraduate Researcher supervised by York Email
Simon Manda Postgraduate Researcher Email
Katie Massarella Postgraduate Researcher Email
Suzana Matoh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Shimaa Meawad Visiting Researcher Email
Neha Mittal Research Fellow Email
Pierre Moorsom Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dietlinde Nakwaya Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Palfrey Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marta Ribeiro de Morais Giannichi Postgarduate Researcher / Geography-SRI Email
Becky Robertson Postgraduate Student (based in Biology) Email
Laura Smith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Thomas Smith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Linas Svolkinas Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jose Vega Barbero Postgraduate Researcher Email
Caroline Ward Postgraduate Researcher Email