Sustainability Research Institute

Economics and Policy for Sustainability

A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

When telephoning from outside the University, dial +44 (0)113 34 extension.

Academic and teaching staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Paul Abbott Lecturer 39086 Email
Dr Catherine (Frin) Bale University Academic Fellow (SCAPE & SEE) 38250 Email
Professor John Barrett Professor of Energy and Climate Policy 32394 Email
Dr Marta Bruno Soares Met Office University Academic Fellow 31635 Email
Dr Milena Buchs Associate Professor in Sustainability, Economics, and Low-Carbon Transitions 34292 Email
Dr Martin Dallimer Associate Professor in Environmental Change 33036 Email
Prof Andy Gouldson Professor of Environmental Policy and Dean: Interdisciplinary Research Email
Dr Stephen Hall University Academic Fellow 32663 Email
Dr Pasi Heikkurinen Lecturer in Business & Sustainable Change 39631 Email
Dr Julia Martin-Ortega Associate Prof: Ecological Economics 39752 Email
Dr Dan O'Neill Lecturer in Environmental and Ecological Economics 31631 Email
Dr Alice Owen Associate Professor: Business Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement 36411 Email
Professor Jouni Paavola Professor of Environmental Social Science; Director - ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics & Policy 36787 Email
Dr Katy Roelich Associate Professor 32656 Email
Dr Yim Ling Siu Lecturer Environmental Risk Management 36717 Email
Dr Julia Steinberger Associate Professor 32895 or +44 (0)785 607 9625 Email
Professor Peter Taylor Chair in Sustainable Energy Systems; Associate of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy 37169 Email
Dr James Van Alstine Associate Professor: Environmental Policy 37531 Email
Dr Stephen Whitfield Associate Professor: Climate Change & Food Security 39754 Email

Research staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr Meghan Alexander Research Fellow 37966 Email
Miklos Antal Research Fellow Email
Lina Brand Correa Research Fellow Email
Dr Paul Brockway Research Fellow 35576 Email
Dr Jonathan Busch Joint Research Fellow (SEE/Civil Eng) 32663 Email
Angela Craddy Postgraduate Researcher and Research Assistant Email
Dr Andrew Fanning Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Dr Marie Ferre iCASP Impact Evaluator based in Geography Email
Jannik Giesekam Research Fellow Email
Dr Elisa Greco Research Fellow in Sustainability Standards and Agricultural Value Chains Email
Jon Liddell Research Assistant (BOSS) Email
Dr Giulio Mattioli Research Fellow Email
Faye McAnulla Research and Innovation Development Manager (CITIES theme) 39732 Email
Shimaa Meawad Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Joel Millward-Hopkins Research Fellow Email
Malcolm Morgan Research Fellow Email
Dr Anne Owen Research Fellow 35576 Email
Dr Leonie Pearson Cheney Fellow : water@leeds Email
Cameron Roberts Research Fellow 0743 942 7277 Email
Dr Kate Scott Research Fellow 35576 Email

Research students

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Andreas Andreou Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marta Baltruszewicz Postgraduate Researcher Email
Blandine Boeuf Postgraduate Researcher Email
Muriel Bonjean Stanton Postgraduate Researcher Email
David Christopherson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Angela Craddy Postgraduate Researcher and Research Assistant Email
Ross Gillard Research Fellow Email
Gauthier Guerin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Lukas Hardt Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jody Harris Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Elena Hofferberth Postgraduate Researcher (LUBS/SEE) Email
Ke Huang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Huxley Postgraduate Researcher Email
Niall Kerr Postgraduate Researcher 36731 Email
Shimaa Meawad Visiting Researcher Email
Elizabeth Morgan Posgraduate Researcher Email
Murat Okumah Postgraduate Researcher Email
Elke Pirgmaier Postgraduate Researcher / Business School Email
Imogen Rattle Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marta Ribeiro de Morais Giannichi Postgarduate Researcher / Geography-SRI Email
Philippa Roddis Postgraduate Researcher / Geography-SRI Email
Nicholas Roxburgh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Beth Stratford Postgraduate Researcher Email
Harriet Thew Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jefim Vogel Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nathan Wood Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oliver Zwirner Postgraduate Researcher Email